Massive USA Road Trip for S19?

OK... @IainMay72 (TG cameraman) just tweeted this picture minutes ago... Looks to me like Las Vegas Motor Speedway, based on the color of the grandstands.

It appears Las Vegas is confirmed... @OPInews (Office Products International) tweeted this earlier today. I don't follow them, but I just found it via a Twitter search for "Top Gear Las Vegas", haha...

@BBC_TopGear About to fly to Las Vegas for the United Stationers show - on a flight with the entire Top Gear team!

That would put them on BAW flight 275, ETA in KLAS at 6:08pm local time.
Apparently, they spent a long time going through Immigration...learnt languages, knitted scarves, built a piano... :lol:
I was referring to Spectre's exception where they wouldn't actually need to import the cars into the country.
Except you weren't. The cars are still imported when they are brought here by someone who is here on a valid visa, although they are kept to the limitations mentioned in the NHTSA link (here for no more than one year, not allowed to be sold, must be imported by a citizen of a foreign country, etcetera).
Wait? I don't know if you, Mr. Nice, are a moron or of the NHTSA is a bunch of them or both. But coming into a country on a valid visa (or without one on a visa waiver program) and bringing your own car is not importing in the sense people normally use the word.
Let's take the most simple case. One of our Canadian members wants to visit the Boston FG posse and attend a meet at Larz Anderson. So he gets into his car and crosses the border.
According to your post, he imported a car doing so. Do I import a pack of DE razor blades, a bunch of knickers and t-shirts, among other things, just by bringing them with me on a visit to the US? I don't think so.

Import means transfer of ownership from a non-resident to a resident. Thus, one would have to argue that someone who is in the US on a visa counts as a resident in order for the car being "imported". While someone who is in the US on a two-year research or work visa might be a borderline case, some bloke from Britain coming to the US to show off his van at a hot rod meet as in the link provided certainly does not count.

EDIT: OK, the NHTSA uses this moronic "temporary import"-definition. Mr. Nice, you are off the hook regarding the suspicion of being a moron - for now!
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Are all the cars in US-spec? That would explain why Jeremy couldn't get an F12 because they haven't gone on sale here yet.
What a hideous shade of blue to paint an Aston. :sad:
Confuse a Nebrask Redneck Cop - drive an 'personal' imported RHD car.

America you really need an equivalent to our SVA.

Soon to be :

The Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme is replacing the Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) scheme. From now on, you can use the IVA scheme for any type of vehicle needing type approval except for special purpose light goods vehicles.