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Masters of Endurance - Aston GP 24h

^ There won't be any sprint races on the 24h one. Just a 1h qualify the weekend before I believe.

Well yeah, 3drivers = 8 hours/driver, 4drivers = 6hours/person, etc, so the more we have the better because each extra person contributes a few hours less driving. But unless we have 3people we can't apply, and probably wouldn't. :)

Firefox, can I take that as a YES? :D

I myself don't know actually if I will be available for January 14th, I hope I will though. I'll definitely be back to the NL by that time, cos I have an exam on the 11th of January. However I do have to find and move to a new place, so I hope that won't happen that particular weekend.
It's almost impossible. I can't just turn my life off for that amount of time. I mean... food, WC, phonecalls... I can arrange that for 2 hours, but hardly any longer.
If we're 4-5people, than you don't have to be present 1/2the time.
Say people in the same time zone start the race, 1st races 2hours, switch, 2nd comes in for 2hours, switch, 3rd comes in for 2hours switch. That's already 6hours that you don't have to take care of. Then you do your driving, leave again for 6hours to do your non virtual life things, and come back again for another 2hours. ;)

Nevertheless you do have a point, it's quite difficult to organise and schedule.
I don't think I'll be in on jan 14th.... but if it was after feb 1st...just give me the graveyard shift for race...
That is tempting but I'm not even fast enough for these real races :p.
I'm not Team Finalgear member or good driver, but I started to practice AS GP with FXR today and I'm looking possible way's how to take part of MOE.

I'm not looking very fast team, because my own skills aint so good, so that whay I prefer FXR. FZR is quite thirsty and tires worn out fast, XRR...one mistake and you are stuck in sand. FXR is slow as hell, but easy to drive. Even one 1h race is very hard I have to say :D

Anyway, if intrested let me now :) Maybe I can help.