Matt LeBlanc leaving Top Gear

Honestly, not all that interesting or shocking really, I can only imagine how hard it got juggling filming TG and his sitcom( that got renewed).


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This is really sad. Now they need to reinvent themselves again, just as they were getting into the groove.


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It makes sense, commuting to London from CA can't be fun. Chris Harris has the talent to keep the show entertaining, the risk is that the BBC will want a celebrity anchor and choose another Chris Evans to replace LeBlanc.


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I could see Johnny Smith from Fifth Gear slotting in quite nicely as third chair. He was born the same year as Rory (1979) with Harris being 4 years older so it would be a team that, assuming it stayed together, would have a minimum of 5 years and probably nearer 10 to keep the show alive.

I honestly don't see the Beeb pulling the plug on the show. Sure viewing figures have dropped since the CHM days but that's mainly because they are carrying on with their silliness elsewhere and TG has reverted back towards being more of a car show than it had become in the final years of the Three Stooges' tenure.


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Johnny would be good, however part of what made TG so enjoyable was the edge Clarkson added to it. I don't see Johnny being a delightful asshole.


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Back when Chris Evans was on the show with Chris Harris, I thought it would be funny if they got Chris Barrie, just to make the hat trick. But I do think Chris Barrie could make a decent presenter, assuming he would even want the gig.



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Jenson! Jenson! Jenson!

i know it won't happen, he's way to busy, but it's nice to hope...

him and Harris would make a great combo i think
The next presenter should be able to do interviews. As we speak the only one who is pretty good at it is philippe lellouche from Top Gear France.
Jonny would be great... but then he's currently doing great on the Fully Charged YouTube channel and it would be a real shame if he had to give that up.

If he did cross over to Top Gear expect much much much more on electric vehicles and infrastructure since he's totally into that now.
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For me, some of the weakest parts of the post CHM era shows have been in the studio. They really haven't had someone who can present, interview and be entertaining to a good level, including having spontaneity. Clarkson was very good at all of that which is why the studio segments with those 3 worked so well.

Who the replacement could/should be, I'm not sure.