Matt LeBlanc leaving Top Gear


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MWF;n3549741 said:
I could see Johnny Smith from Fifth Gear slotting in quite nicely as third chair. He was born the same year as Rory (1979) with Harris being 4 years older so it would be a team that, assuming it stayed together, would have a minimum of 5 years and probably nearer 10 to keep the show alive.

I honestly don't see the Beeb pulling the plug on the show. Sure viewing figures have dropped since the CHM days but that's mainly because they are carrying on with their silliness elsewhere and TG has reverted back towards being more of a car show than it had become in the final years of the Three Stooges' tenure.

Johnny already has a job. Although, I doubt that he would be tied to it like he would a normal TV job.