Matt2000's Ill-Fated Foray Into The World Of Vector Art (WIP Stuff)

I'm having some mild success with the few T-shirt designs that I have, now consisting of the Anglia, the VW engine and of course Team Zastava in all it's skidmark glory.

For all people in the US you can use the code APPLY15 for 15% off any T-shirts until the end of Sunday. :)
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I've gone and done it again! Another one of the iconic engines, this time for the Chevy guys and girls after the VW one was a hit. :)


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Second one for today, a more simple Land Rover one based around the stickers found in the cab.



Also you can get 20% off with the code THESEDAYS. Not sure if it's international, maybe UK only.
Another I've been working on this year, finally got it done. I'm a massive fan of the movie and the ambulance in particular, as anyone who raced with me in our Forza 4 sessions will know. The colour is a little muted on the T-shirts.

If you don't like it remember that I'm really making these because I like them, if other people think they're worth buying then that's just a bonus. :D


Cannonball Run?

And how long does one take? they seem fairly accurate and detailed.
Cannonball Run?

And how long does one take? they seem fairly accurate and detailed.

Yep, I can watch it over and over without getting bored. :D

Well they go from hours to years, this one was started in July and I've worked on it at least a few hours a week. The Land Rover one in the post above took a few hours and the Chevy V8 one took over a year, mainly because I had trouble finding the reference material for everything. The van is based on one image and screenshots from the 1080p verison of the movie. I enjoy doing it because I can listen to podcasts or music that I would otherwise not get around to listening to. :) I try to be as accurate as possible, as far as I'm aware there isn't a more accurate digital drawing of the van out there.

I still have a few part-finished ideas that might surface this year, more abstract than these.
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Of course you know the original line had to be "like shit through a goose" before they changed it to wider certification.
I did not know that, don't know if I'd get away with it.
That's what asterisks are for...;)

Otherwise it just smacks of this:

It's been a while since I posted in here, I've got a new one. :)


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Anyone recognise it? :D
public's last wet dream?

Da-dum-duuummmm! I, am Captain Chaos! And this, this is my faithful companion, Cato... Say hello, Cato!

Bingo! The design of the ambulance is proving surprisingly popular in XXL (seriously) so I wanted something else from the movie that isn't already available.
Tried something different from pure vector images with flat colours, this time I wanted to try out colouring the design with brushes in Photoshop.



A Beetle at the Bonneville salt flats, the idea being that you don't need water with an air cooled engine. I'm very happy with the way it turned out for a first try and have other ideas along the same lines. :)
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Change the text to "H2No"?
Change the text to "H2No"?

Catchy, I like it. I think it would work well as a second option, I'm not sure if people will get what it means in the context of the picture though so I'd still want to keep this text as an option. :)