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Max Power shots


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Jun 20, 2005
Midlands, UK
Caged Clio 182 Track Car
This was taken at the cruise strip (a sort of show they do), was so chuffed with this shot, got it perfect lol


I liked the paint job on the mini, and the air filter through the bonnet, ive never seen that before....


The first PIMP MY RIDE UK car was there at the stands!! It looked pretty impressive up close..


Ive got loads more photos, but i cant be bothered to put loads up, just say if ya wanna see em
Let me think... A Max Power meet... I think there's a thread called Carbage somewhere...

j/k - nice shots btw :) Ur right about the strip one, caught that just right - it's good stuff
I thought about going a couple of years ago, but TBH, I just laugh at the cars that are in Max Power, so I decided against it! The PMRUK Minor does look pretty good. Shame they put those massive 17in chromes on it. IMO it would have been better on some 15in classic style alloys with the tyres stretched over them. I guess they have a brief to fulfill on that programme though!

You should go to some shows like the GTI festival at Santa Pod next Sunday. There are some very nice Dubs there....mostly tuned for performance :)