Maybach Exelero Driven


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Sep 21, 2003
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Did not notice the "." for a second. I was about to say, thats a REALLY good engine or something.

Wish they would make that car...
I love it but I'm afraid it'll kill me :unsure:

The article says it's got 23"ers on. I bet it'll need it with the 690-horses! But I don't like the turbine wheels it has on...
Never really liked it. Its just MASSIVE!!!! Another problem is that it looks heavy or is it just me? Im sure it probably is. no wonder it needs so many horses.
I like this car. Looks like the kind of car Darth Vader would buy. I saw it a couple weeks ago but I guess it wasn't the full thing, just the body:
i feel like it would be extremely cool if it had a manual
Look is a subjective thing, but I am struggling to see why anyone would think is is a handsome car.
That back end is hideous! With an overhang like that they should have at least made it a boat-tail.
It's such a mean mofo of a car... I love it. I remember hearing the engine note when Mick Doohan took the car around Bathurst last year, probably only just turning the engine over but man, it was such a nice rumble :drool:
You wanna know, why Fulda Reifen are called like that? Because they are based in the 60k people city Fulda in Germany...
Now guess where I come from.....:)

But there's nothing special about that, unfortunately...
They once presented the car at our local Mercedes dealer, but i didn't have time to go there back then, so I can't tell any great storys sadly....even though the car is registered in my town as well...
Look is a subjective thing, but I am struggling to see why anyone would think is is a handsome car.

^^ Agreed, the thing is pretty ugly, which is odd considering it came from mercedes designers.