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Mazda MX-Crossport Concept


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
Mazda is to show the MX-Crossport at Detroit, a sporty 4x4 with styling similar to that of the RX-8 coupe which, says the company, "merges the speedy and athletic image of Mazda's best sports car with the toughness and practicality of an SUV." At 4630mm long, 1930mm wide and 1630m tall, the low-riding MX-Crossport is compact but large enough to hold a small family - though its cabin is kitted out with just four bucket-type seats - and it will be more car-like to drive than the Tribute 4x4. The show car sits on large five-spoke alloys, and is finished in a new colour called K2 Red, said to be "reflective of the famous red earth of Utah's Monument Valley."

The individually shaped seats are fastened to the floor with a single post to give a 'floating' effect; they have integrated seatbelts and are finished in high-quality leather with black mesh detailing. The cockpit-style driver's area is similar to that of the RX-8 and the roof is almost entirely glass, with an electrochromatic finish that can change from clear to translucent white, and fitted with an overhead console and storage compartments. Mazda says that whilst it "has not yet officially confirmed a production model based on the MX-Crossport, the company has clearly stated that it intends to expand its line of new-generation Zoom-Zoom products for the North American market and beyond. The MX-Crossport is an important step forward in the process."



what the hell is that crystal ball looking thing in the dashboard? the exterior is not bad but the interior... not so much.
does anyone notice that the Brand of the car's logo is getting bigger and bigger... look at the new Honda Accord and the new Honda Odyssey (not the american verion, the Jap version)
Yea, soon the whole front end will be the logo - could work with a Mazda, but imagine some of the others :)

I really like the interior of this car, some futuristic thinging is always welcome imo.
I'm not much of fan of SUVs or soft 4x4s but I quite like this vehicle.

Mazda is one of the few companies whose current designs are as exciting to me as the great cars from the past. They have an aesthetic that is not only consistant throughout all of their vehicles but also looks very sporty and aggressive. Most companies these days are very hit and miss, but I've absolutley loved Mazda's new design direction (Protege5 and on). :)
First thing that came to my mind when I saw it; it looks like an Infiniti FX a bit. I quite like the styling of it, nice and... sporty. My rant though, why buy one of these "sporty" utes instead of a sport wagon, they're more comfortable and acomplish the same task.

I would take something more along the lines of a Nissan Pathfnder, rugged and good off-roading.
it's not the first time someone asks about these, maybe we should make a thread for common abbreviations so that the forums are more newbie friendly :p (no offense dark templer)
About the car, I don't like that they did like porsche, took the rx8 and lifted it up, of course they've done a much better job than what porsche did with the cayenne....
Yeah the logo is huge but it could be just because it's a concept and they wanna show off...
And my rant is that the rear wheel arches are way too flared, they're bulging way too much from the side of the car imho
v0od0o said:
And my rant is that the rear wheel arches are way too flared, they're bulging way too much from the side of the car imho
I love flared wheel arches, so that's part of the reason I like this design so much. Bigger is always better for me with flared wheel arches too. :wink:
ow yeah! some nice wheelarches just make a car, that's why i think the RX7 doesn't look good, it's like they forgot to design them.
I love this thing. I dont really care if its good offroad either. You dont buy a typical SUV to go offroad, you buy it because of the high riding position, the space and the looks mostly. Offroad skills are overrated. 4X4 is easy to handle on slippy tarmac and thats the point. This is not a Defender competetor, its more of an X5/ML rival.
The X5 does go offroad and was the best at that among the crop of SUV things except for maybe the new disco and the range rover it was the best compromise between offroad and onroad performance. And I'm not even sure the range rover is good offroad because it's british and clarkson would sell his mom for anything british.
And speaking of the high driving position am I the only one here who hates that? :?
It's looks like a RX8 under a steroids program

It's hopeless.... and the interior too, but i kinda like the crystal ball :p
I bet u this is gonna be rubbish offroad..its trying to be a RX-8 on stilts! and why does the sports car (RX-8) get more doors than this 4WD!?! nwayz, i luv the crystal ball!! does any1 know when this will be released
I agree totally with Zenon on Mazda's current designs...awesome.

And I'm liking the looks of this thing too....needs a bit of refining, but I think it's promising. And I love the direction Mazda is trying to go with that interior! I love an edgy, futuristic-looking interior.

Props to Mazda!! :D