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McLaren F1 replica

Oh! wow... Thats really really bad!
it's ugly :cry:

anyone has an idea what car that's based on?
is it just me or am I the only one who thinks it doesn't really resemble the Mclaren very well...
^you can tell that he tried to mimic the shape, but thats about it
The proportions just don't fit :D :D

Crap car....I wonder that it is based on? Did anyone email the seller?
Built by someone with bad eyesight. It's no "replica" because only a complete idiot would think it's a real McLaren.
:huh: That's not nice
yea when i saw that i just laughed..alot.

and this is comming from a guy who likes replicas :lol:

it's really an insult
omg! Its melted!