Meanwhile, Down Under (The Australian Thread)

QLD is also the only place that cuddling a koala is allowed by anyone other than a zookeeper/vet. I believe the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary still offers photo ops.

No it isn't.

I've cuddled a Koala in South Australia and I'm pretty sure they do photo ops at Symbio here in New South Wales.
I stand corrected. Having never been to SA, and it not being such a popular destination for overseas tourists, I didn't consider it.
They do photo ops at Featherdale as well, but you can't hold the koalas.

Quick Google gave me this: "Many first-time visitors to Australia ? and even locals ? may not know that know there are many states in Australia where it?s illegal to hold that most famous of Aussie animal icons ? the koala. Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia are the only states in Australia that have koala holding experiences available, and even then some of the larger zoos and wildlife attractions do not allow koala holding. It is not possible to hold a koala in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania or the Northern Territory."
Aussies. I'm thinking about coming down for the MotoGP race in October next year.

Bring warm clothes. They have a corner called Siberia, they are not kidding!
QLD is also the only place that cuddling a koala is allowed by anyone other than a zookeeper/vet. I believe the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary still offers photo ops.
Thanks a big bunch, I've got a trip to that area in the middle of December and that's gone on my list... right to the top of it, actually. :happy: Speaking of which, I don't think there are any FinalGearians in Brisbane, are there? Can't remember seeing it listed as anyone's location.

Also, you must cuddle more koalas before cuddling Misrabelle again. Someone please +rep her for me!
Last night, for the third time, the city of Melbourne was hit by an "asthmatic thunderstorm". These are a rare event in which winds blow large amounts of pollen into an area just before a thunderstorm hits. The grains of pollen become saturated and eventually burst into tiny fragments that cause respiratory problems in people who breath them in. The phenomenon was first recorded in Melbourne in 1987 and occured again in 2010. Between 6pm and 11pm when they would normally receive an average of 345 requests for ambulances on a Monday night, Melbourne's emergency services received 1900 calls for help. All off-duty paramedics were called in to work and police and fire brigade units were used to respond to some of the calls. Even with the extra help, the ambulance service was overwhelmed and two people died after waiting over half an hour for help.
Damn, Australia, where even the air is trying to kill you when the wildlife doesn't :shock:
A week after the asthmatic thunderstorm hit Melbourne, the death toll has reached 8 with one other person still critical. In total 8,500 people were admitted to hospital with storm asthma on the night that it hit. 30 needed intensive care.

Ozzy Men reviews commentary on this is hilarious, as usual.

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After a quick Googling of Florida Man, I'd say he sounds more like Northern Territory Man. Queenslanders are probably more akin to Appalachian rednecks.