Mechanical Keyboard recommendations?


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Apr 5, 2006
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I have a Havit keyboard, while I love the action, it hasn't lasted very well; the 10-key and arrow keys are starting to die. Does anyone have a mechanical keyboard they recommend?

I'd prefer one on the quiet side so I can type while on a video meeting and not have it picked up by the mic.
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this is relevant to my interests. I currently have a coolermaster something or other TKL board which somehow has issues with the spacebar - same issues i had before with my steelseries 6g. TKL because I don't care for the numpad and don't have enough space - but then again, most keyboards are available in that layout anyway.

... so yeah, not contributing too much I guess, except with my experience with bad space bars. but that could also be my thumbs being weird or something like that, i dunno :|
I already answered this elsewhere but might as well provide some content for the forums:

I'm whacking parts numbers on my 109-key Varmilo all day long. I got it specifically because I kill a cheap keyboard within a couple of months. Especially the numeric enter suffers.

- Solid and heavy.
- Good looking. This is used in an office, I don't want any RGB gamer stuff. It has white backlight which can be turned off.
- Detachable cord with a Mini-USB jack on the back.
- No drivers needed, backlight can be turned on and off via Fn+something. The Fn is in a good place next to the right side Win key.

- The backlight is for vpenis only since the keycaps are opaque plastic with printed letters.
- There are no LEDs for num lock/caps lock etc. The backlight LEDs double as indicator lights. The picture here below is from Google. You can see the num lock having a little transparent "window", I don't have that, I have a little slit on the side of the keycap facing the user. Totally useless in an office setting, you can't see if it's on or off.
- It's so rigid it sometimes rests on the middle pair of rubber feet and spins around a bit too easily for my liking. Not a huge problem.

I've probably taken a thousand calls while typing on it, and exactly one person has complained and asked what the noise is. Still, it's not a silent keyboard. Mine has brown switches for a bit of tactile click.

Currently have a CoolerMaster MK750 here and a Corsair K70 at work, both Cherry Brown. Got these mainly because I've been horrified with the contents of keyboards at work, so I only buy ones I with no edges and exposed switches, making them easy to keep clean. They're both well built, the MK750 is more solid and has a better (magnetic) wrist-rest.

There's not really such a thing as a quiet mechanical keyboard but the smaller the keycaps, the less mass they have. With the classic Cherry switch types, Red will also be quieter than the Blue or Brown as it lacks the tactile feedback that requires more force to press. You can also add silicone o-rings to the stems to make them quieter, but it makes them more mushy. There are loads more key switch types now, I almost ordered a big sampler but thought better of it...

I've not had any issues with the MK750 and it handles theses massive SA profile keycaps I'm using just fine. I'm not sure I could recommend a current model though.
I have the K95 Platinum, with cherry brown keys. Found it hard to choose, looked at reviews, but some of the ones I considered weren't in stock when buying, but just too a chance on the K95.

Only thing that took of bit of getting used to are the six G keys on the left. Would prefer if they were up top.

I went from slightly broken MS Natural Keyboard to this, so it took a bit of getting used to.

Since I accidentally bought RGB ram, that was what was in stock, so can use iCue to colour sync.
This will now be on my must have list. :| oh yes.
It's not something you think about until you've seen the horrors in bigger numbers. The ability to use a rocket blower or brush to get rid of the dust and fluff (and sometimes cat hair) that finds its way between the keys is brilliant. Especially when the keys are also easy to remove.

I have the K95 Platinum, with cherry brown keys. Found it hard to choose, looked at reviews, but some of the ones I considered weren't in stock when buying, but just too a chance on the K95.
I almost got this because a friend has it, the K70 was a clearance item though so was too good to miss.