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Media Bias - School Assignment - Help Me Please


Oct 4, 2004
Clarkson's House
I'm supposed to choose a non-North American issue, that isn't mainstream, and see how the left/right present the issue (with bias).

Anyone have any ideas for an issue that is presented in really different lights by both sides?

Any ideas for extremely biased sources?

I was thinking of using blogs as sources, or maybe Fox News.
I was thinking about how the French reduced the work week from 39 hours to 35, and now they are returning it to 39. The only problem is that the only biased news sources I can find are smug anti-socialist. I can't find any liberal biased sources.
The most obvious "bias" reporting issue would be relating to China but the problem with that is there is only one wing in China so the press there only see one side.

It may be worth viewing how European or American press view the China situation with regards the Economy and Human Rights. This is a non-American issue but onw which is presented by Left / Right wing press around the world. So you can study Hong Kong press (suposedly free) against the BBC and the Japanese. I don't know if you would see this as a "Mainstream" issue but if it is not one now then it will be as China further develops.
^ I like that idea, but I think "China" as a whole might be a little broad for a short paper. Do you know of any specific Chinese issues.
The Chinese exchange rate issue? You can easily find english sources for and against the floating of the Chinese yuan. I don't know if this is considered "mainstream" though.
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I can't find any liberal biased sources.

Help me out then. :p
Well "in general" most of the media has a slight to moderate liberal bias to it (in my opinion).
Not entirely sure why, but I imagine its possibly because the journalism profession possibly tends to have a disproportionate amount of people that have a liberal view. (I think there was a link posted here somewhere in the past about this).

However, I assume you're looking for a blatantly obvious source (like Fox News is).
I'm not aware of one (I don't have cable), other than Al Franken's show, and NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS.
Most liberal bias (in my opinion) seems te be more subtle, and is probably not intentional (which is more disturbing to me).
Well u can do the Taiwan and China bit, but its somewhat mainstreamed

I'm Chinese if anyone forgot...just wanted to say so..lol
didn't know that... you could do issues on Chinese Censorship.... I heard there are alot of political problems with it... don't know if this is still true but in china... they banned search sites like google or news sites like bbc... the internet only allows them to go to local sites and search engines so they only get hold of biased or censored news around the world
I don't think that the opinions towards Chinese censorship differs in the eye of the left or right media.
I'm surprised justin isn't already here.... :roll: