Ownership Verified: Meet the grandson, grandpa needs to go. (W203 C220 CDI)


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Jan 18, 2006
Since the 190E was getting too small, as I announced in my little poll, I needed something new. And with the amount of travel I do it needed to be a diesel. You've all seen my poll and seen the options I had laid out for myself. Then I came across a car on my parents' lot, and they told me to give it a try. So I did. And I liked it, I liked it a lot even. Meet the car:




A 2001 W203 C220 CDI Classic. Not the best car Merc has ever made by far, but this one is a solid one. It's got a good load of extras on it, the most important being climate control. It's also got a factory stereo and an ugly handsfree kit for a Jurassic Nokia 6310. Still looking on what to do with that, but for now it'll do.

Staring contest :p

And in case the 190E isn't enough, here's some more proof:

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After riding shotgun with you in the 190E...

Pro: It has ESP
Contra: You will be too fast for the ESP to save you...damn CDI :D

Nice car Adu, don't ruin it (without me filming) :D

And watch your licence ;)
Good choice. A nice safe vehicle for the kids, and you didn't have trade in your testicles for a minivan.

*EDIT* Does "alle opties" mean "many options?
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Excellent choice.

So who won the staring contest?
Not the best Merc, but not the worst either. Congrats!

ooh theres a car there too, grats Adu

Hmm, Adutchiewaffle Taxi Service does have a nice ring to it...

...I like it!
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Can you hotwire the ESP to the eternally off-position?

Nice wheels. One of the few Mercs I wouldn't mind owning from this century. I drove one of these as a taxi for a long while and never grew tired of it. Did it have to be grey, tho? :p

I don't believe the stroopwaffels are yours.
Congratulations, good choice. :)
No, the 190E goes. With a second kid on the way I can't afford to keep a second car now. But in the not-too-distant future I foresee another 190E to take its place.
Try and make sure that grandpa goes to a nice new home. :(