Ownership Verified: Meet the grandson, grandpa needs to go. (W203 C220 CDI)

If at this point you'd be so kind as to cease with the German-ism and just take a light joke, I'd like to say again what you've just written.

3 6 0 ? for a MIRROR. All joking aside, that is horrifying. Ripoff at it's finest.
I'm just going to assume that the whole assemly has to be replaced, because when carefully disassembling a mirror like this kicking the shit out of it, all the mounting tabs WILL be broken.

And if you take a look at it, probably isn't that cheap. Also, heated. (and if you go to VW, ford etc. for an OEM mirror, it's going to cost you the same)

Altough I agree, for a car with over 300 k km's on it, respraying the entire door is overkill. But then again, insurances probably don't have common sense.
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The non-heated mirror for a supposedly cheap-for-parts early mid-2000s Corolla was AU$400+ (?310+) at the dealer, that price for a heated mirror seems not overly ridiculous for OEM parts.
Mirror heating isn't expensive. Aftermarket mirror glass for some random car is like 10 euros for heated and 8,50 for non-heated. I just made those numbers up but they're not far from the truth.
it's not the heating that makes it expensive, it's the electric adjustment mechanism that does. And built-in LED turn signals don't come cheap either.

I went to the bodyshop today. Rust removal on the typical W203 spots plus door repainting, would set me back 600 eur. So the car will spend the first half of next week there to get this taken care of.
Are there no silver C-classes to just swap over a door, perhaps with the proper mirror on it as well? Surely that would be cheaper..?
Wouldn't. Because why care and shovel so much money into it for that? Make it presentable by fixing up the door...done. Unless the car absolutely must look showroom fresh, in that case go for it. :)
I figured I could do better than 300eur for a mirror and pulled up some prices... and OUCH. Yeah, 300 eur isn't bad from where I'm sitting.