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Meh.. it's a TV show like every other


Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI



I received a call from TV?s Top Gear, asking if I would take my MK1 MR2 down to them so they could use it in a "Generation Game", a sprint, or possibly a lap round a track.

I didn?t have to think twice, so the following Tuesday we set off down to Godalming in Surrey, stopped over in a hotel and had a few beers, then Wednesday Morning we were at Dunsfold Aerodrome where Top Gear is filmed.

My Dad dragged me out of bed far too early and we got there before half the crew! But it was a good chance to see Jeremy arrive in his AMG Mercedes, I sneakily parked next to it! Richard Hammond arrived in his LHD Porsche, which was unusual, and then all the others for the feature arrived, a stunning pair of hot hatches, the Peugeot 205 GTi and a Mk1 Golf GTi as well as a Nissan 300zx.

We all stood around for a bit (which set the tone for the day!) and then moved out onto the track where we first caught sight of the legend that is "Stig" He took my car out first, after it had warmed up, he came up to me and said "Is this your MR2?" "Yes, it is" I replied "Can I borrow it for a bit?" "Yes" so he got in and drove off.

We stood around a bit whilst they positioned the traffic lights etc. for the scene, and talked a lot on the radio, planning the feature. Then - THEY'RE OFF!! The first one was a close call, but the MK3 edged it, likewise for the second and third, probably half a car in it to be COMPLETELY honest (No, I am not lying MK3 ROC Members!) I was deflated, but pretty pleased, as I didn?t expect to beat it really.

We stood and watched the other results:

MK3 MR2 beat the MK1 (half a cars length)
300ZX beat the 350ZR (just edged it)
Mk4 Golf beat the Mk1 Golf (two cars length)
Peugeot 206 beat the Peugeot 205 (absolutely hammered it)
Escort Cosworth beat the Focus RS (two cars length)

Then we went and had some dinner from the hospitality wagon and sat down. After we had finished we were called back out to the track.

This is where I learnt never ever to believe anything I see on TV again.

For some reason, they re-ran the races, presumably to give the desired results - or more likely so that Clarkson, the TG star of the show, won the argument.

Mine was first out again, and this time it lost by about two cars length, we weren?t really sure what they were doing, they said it was for the magazine, but below I have listed the "desired" results:

MK3 MR2 beat the MK1 (two cars lengths)
300ZX beat the 350ZR (half a cars length)
Mk1 Golf beat the Mk4 Golf (close call, probably half a car)
Peugeot 206 beat the Peugeot 205 (absolutely hammered it)
Escort Cosworth beat the Focus RS (two cars length)

I didn?t realise this fact until I saw the footage in the studio, it was also interesting that whilst in the studio, they called out for the owner of the Mk1 Golf GTi to go and see them, not sure what was said but it was probably "keep stum"

All in all, a great day and experience, and hey, G979 SGW is now famous! I however, as its agent, will be carefully selecting all its future work!! HAHAHA!


What's next? the Stig will drive some cars faster if the company pays them? :evil:
Where is this a quote from?

I've always assumed car magazines\shows did things like this.... now here's proof. It's not really that suprising though as Jeremy Clarkson (and presumeably the rest of the Top Gear production staff) is quite open about his love for the Mk1 Golf.