Ownership Verified: Mein Freude am Fahren (E36 328i Touring)


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Jan 18, 2006
As most of you know by now, due to changes in my work situation, I no longer needed the diesel. After long deliberation and a lot of googling, I decided I wanted an E36 BMW 328i. I happened upon this one, advertised for ?2500, 1996, 300000km, expired MOT, loads of toys (photos from ad). Managed to get the price down to 1500, no service, no warranty, no MOT. Picked it up yesterday and drove it to the parents' garage to have it checked out and MOT'd. The car is in quite good shape for a 16-yo car that has done 300000km. There's a few rust spots on the body, nothing serious, a bit of rust on one sill that needs a bit of welding, front tie rod ends and swaybar endlinks need replacing, an exhaust clamp has rusted through and rattles a bit, the wheels are in dire need of a refurb, and the interior needs a good cleaning.

It's a Cosmosschwarz Metallic 328i Touring Executive, with a soft leather interior in Safrangelb, with the following options according to the VIN Decoder:

And now, picdump time.























And of course, obligatory proof pic:
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Honestly not liking the wheels, rest is awesome. Hope you get it on the road without problems! (dibs for ride) :)
Very nice, very worthy. :thumbsup:

Now, more photos of the Nexia. :p
The wheels look nice ... the aftermarket stereo doesn?t. PDC, Cruise control, electric seats ... really nice package. Not so much a fan of that color leather, but then I have no taste myself :D
300000 km comes down to 18k per year ... that is quite a lot for a petrol car in europe - but then probably mostly highways. And for that kind of milage, it looks really good. Also (from the looks of it) quite a bargain. Congrats.

Hope it drives well and puts a smile on that face of yours ...
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The child seat colour really clashes with the yellow interior. :D

But who cares, it's a 328. :thumbsup: BMWs drivers don't look behind anyway. ;)
SL was a garage queen ?
Now, more photos of the Nexia. :p

I need to take pictures of it anyway, for the advert.

SL was a garage queen ?

It didn't get driven much, and was for sale for a high price (it was worth it, as it was one of the nicest R107s in this country) all the time, so I didn't dare hoon it much in fear of damage. Someone had had his eye on it for some time, and wanted to pay asking price, so it got sold.
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There's one engine bay pic in the ad photos. But since it's just a stock E36 engine bay, I didn't see any reason to take a photograph of it. I will take photographs of the mods I will be doing, however.
Honestly not liking the wheels, rest is awesome.

Indeed. The E46 wheels would look better on, say, an E46. This things needs some period correct E36 or E34 wheels. Throwing stars?
Don't know yet, the wheels are growing on me. At first I really disliked them too, but the more I see them on the car, the more I like them. I will get them refurbed, and perhaps done in a slightly darker colour (gunmetal, anyone?) before I decide whether or not I'll keep them.
Three words: BMW straight-6 touring :thumbup:

We need some picture like "official seal of finalgear BMW straight-6 owners" or something, I'd use that a lot. :p

Not fond of the leather interior (especially the colour), but with small children it's better than fabric I think. The wheels would fit better on an E46, wanna trade next ringmeet? :p
Eye-Q: we need a FG BMW straight 6 touring owners club.

That would include you, adunaphel, daboom, alok and me ?
Congrats, Adu.

Now some mod suggestions:

I suggest Style 68s (at least for track work, they're the lightest OEM BMW wheels):


Or Style 32s

Or M Contour IIs

Or ye ole Style 5s (ignore the stance), etc, etc.

E46 M3 steering wheel. They run about $350 (sans airbag) on this side of the pond and are awesome.

Polyurethane bushings err'ywhur.

There's a ton of suspension options from full coilovers to just H&R Cup/Touring springs and Bilstein HDs, that all depends on your needs.

Eye-Q: we need a FG BMW straight 6 touring owners club.

That would include you, adunaphel, daboom, alok and me ?

Me too! Hopefully I'll be a double member soon :D
Eye-Q: we need a FG BMW straight 6 touring owners club.

That would include you, adunaphel, daboom, alok and me ?
Alok has a 320d which is a 4-pot Diesel. ;)

Narrowing it down to tourings is a bit too much, let's say BMW straight 6 owners, then MXM, rootrider and others would be allowed in this exclusive club, too. :)