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Jul 1, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec, VW Passat 118TSI

Here we go again.... this is the same cruise we did first time out and its still the best :)

This is the Melbourne Meetup and Cruise RSVP and organisation thread. Post here your attendance, what suburb you expect to be leaving from, if you're a driver post if you have spare seats and if you don't drive and want to come along for the ride we'll organise you a seat.

This is the route for the cruise: Google Maps

We'll be meeting at LaTrobe University at 10:00am. We'll then make our way up through Peter Brock's hometown of Hurstbridge and up the extraordinarily twisty Heidelberg-Kinglake Road over Mt Beggary. Our first major stop will be in Kinglake for a morning coffee and chat. Then we continue east to Toolangi and then south along the superb Chum Creek Road to Healesville. From Healesville, we'll go up the Maroondah Highway, an excellent stretch of road you might have heard of, it's called Black Spur drive. At the top of Black Spur drive is our lunch stop, the Black Spur Inn. From the Inn, we continue to Marysville and down Reefton Spur via Reefton to Warburton where we'll probably do a run up and down the magical Mt Donna Buang. Then it's just a relaxed cruise back into the city.

What to bring: Full tank of juice, 2-way radio, camera, some money for a counter lunch.

The day is a very relaxed day and you should be back in Melbourne mid to late afternoon depending on how many impromptu stops are made along the way. It's a great day to enjoy some scenery, superb tarmac and have an enjoyable day meeting each other while enjoying that thing that brings us together: our cars.

Look forward to seeing you there!

We usually get a pretty good turn out so make sure to RSVP in this thread so I can make a booking at the Black Spur Inn for lunch!

Yup, it's also on facebook this time :)

flyingfridge - Nissan Skyline GT-R
eddysdaman - HSV Astra VXR - Ringwood
eddy's mates - Bakis, Ben, Ryan :D
nsx23 - Econobox 1.5 of some kind ;)
robyob - MR2 - Footscray, has a spare seat

watto - Impreza 2.0R (c'mon mate, this time u HAVE to come!! :) )
SileNceR - Ford Fairmont - Warrnambool
Zesty - another Econobox of some kind ;) may have seats

Needs a Lift:
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I have no 2-way radio =(

And I think I'll win the award for slowest car at the cruise. :lol:

I should be fine for the cruise though. Should be fun :)
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If I have tyres left from Winton the week before I'm in.

MR2 - Footscray - driving, 1 spare seat.
I'd love to come, but it depends on what week we're sent out on our next work placement for the course I'm doing. It might be the weekend straight after it finishes, meaning I'll be too bogged down with written work. :-(

If I do come, I suspect I'll be all by my lonesome (there's no way any my mates will be roped into a 'cruise' - I can already hear the moaning). I'll therefore have spare seats, but I'll have more chance of keeping up with just me in the car! :lol:

I'll have to wait until they finalise our dates. I should know in a couple of weeks. It sounds like you guys always have so much fun, so It'd be super-awesome if I can make it! :mrgreen:
You should come. I need another economobox to stick around with me :lol:
watto *maybe* - MY06 Impreza 2.0R - Hawthorn East - driving
I would love to come, Australian GT Championships permitting (it's that weekend but I think I'm only there on the Friday and Saturday). Unfortunately I will most likely be a passenger as my family is suffering a severe car shortage until August, so I will happily ride with anyone and probably buy them lunch to say thanks. Will also bring all my camera gear to get some good shots.
top post attendance updated
Haha I noticed you added my +1s lol - they (should) be coming. I should mention I have seats if needed, but its pretty tight in the back so maybe only +1
Bakis - Mazda 3 MPS or ED Falcon XR6
Ben - Citroen C4 VTS
Ryan - Mazda NA MX-5 or MG B
I've never been to La Trobe uni. How do I get to the carpark?
Was actually considering flying down for this (was actually going to be flying down to Melb with a friend anyway to go and see her bf for the weekend- was going to suggest this date!), but she has since broken up with him (kinda, but trip is off) and it will cost me well over $300 just to come down on Sunday morning and leave Monday morning (closer to $400-$500 when i factor in transport and food). Considering I'm trying to save every single cent I can to get a car when I get my black licence next year, I really can't afford it now :(
Hope you guys have fun, it sounds really cool! Post pics!!!
It sounds so good, but I think I might give it a miss. (Parents might not like it and that it's the day before school starts again)
I check Finalgear just for this section... lol.

Im in

2007 VW Golf GTI this time

Coming from the CBD
Hey andy, have u ever brought the same car twice? o_0

looks like i'll definitely be in the GT-R provided i get the driveshaft boot fixed in time, had to hand the skoda back yesterday and now I'm driving a Tiguan :(
GTR > Tiguan.

I check Finalgear just for this section... lol.

Im in

2007 VW Golf GTI this time

Coming from the CBD

Hey Andy....feel like giving a gal a lift? :D I'll buy you lunch and take purdy photos of your car.