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Mercedes knew their S-Class would crash...


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Jul 12, 2004
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eMercedesBenz.com said:
It turns out, the entire test was a hoax... well, sort of.

Before the test was conducted, Mercedes alerted Star TV that the Brake Assist Plus feature wouldn't function correctly in their testing hall, and recommended they not conduct the test at all.

However, Michael Specht, a MotorBild journalist covering the story, decided to run the story anyways. Specht, along with the Mercedes engineers, devised a plan to "simulate" the Brake Assist Plus feature by manually applying braking pressure on the fog-induced track.

Because of the low visibility, a board was placed over the track so that Specht would know the correct time to brake the vehicle. Unfortunately, the plan failed - due to the S-Class' plush suspension, Specht didn't feel when he passed over the board, and proceeded to then collide into the vehicle ahead of him.
I'll give you one guess what happened to poor little Michael Specht. This morning it was announced that Michael was fired from his position at MotorBild.

I have a feeling some Mercedes engineers might be a little nervous as well. See kids, it never pays to lie.
:lol: Well at least we know the air suspension works on one of these cars! Boy...what a F :censored: K -up!
man the back of the older s class is much sexier than the new one, no? :p
Another article:
Last week's big story - The Mercedes S-class failing a crash test on television - was a fake: Mercedes knew it wouldn't work, and the pile-up was due to human error during the simulation. The AutoBild journalist was summarily fired.

The German ex-autobild journalist appearing on Stern Tv, Michael Specht, was carrying audio recording equipment. The tape reveals that the accident was, indeed, an accident - but not the way it was expected.

According to sources in German media, Mercedes was already aware that the test would fail in the hall that was chosen for the television report, and recommended against doing the report at all. Desperate for a story, Specht reportedly conspired with the Mercedes engineers to brake manually, in a situation designed to 'simulate' the system.

Foiled by own technology
At the time of the test, however, Specht was unable to see the car in front due to the heavy smoke from the smoke machines. The Mercedes engineers came up with an alternate, low-tech solution: To lay a piece of wood across the path the cars would be driving, so Specht would know where to brake. Unfortunately, the Merc engineers were foiled by their own technology - Due to the extraordinarily good suspension on the S-class, Specht didn't feel the bump in the road, and proceeded to ram straight into the vehicle that had braked in front of him - in front of the rolling cameras and unsuspecting crew from Stern TV.

According to the Swedish website Auto Motor & Sport, Specht was fired from MotorBild this morning, following the leak of the situation around the S-class television.
Poor guy :(
Ok, i'm in the mood to hear Jeremy immitate a destressed German :p

Apparently Autobild has an article on it. I can't seem to find it cos its German...surely it would be official if they cover it.
well someone had to get fired.. becuase this thing is all over the news.. sucks for him though .. must be one hella comfy suspension
They were stupid enough to assume a little board can be felt through the S-class suspension?
You can run over a cow with an S-class and mistake it for a small pebble.
I don't fully understand why Michael Specht was fired, if anything it should be the MB techs since they agreed to the whole thing, since when it any kind of journalist not guilty of some kind of set up?
Stupidity all around.
Des said:

hehe, check the end of the video where the Mercedes-Benz guy gives all kind of excuses... :bangin:

WTF are they saying :shock:
Yes, would have liked to have known that it is in German. :lol:

Now I want my 65MB back! :x
ATsucks said:
I don't fully understand why Michael Specht was fired, if anything it should be the MB techs since they agreed to the whole thing, since when it any kind of journalist not guilty of some kind of set up?
He is guilty because he helped MB to set up the whole thing, he was supposed to be independent which here he wasnt. Not to forget that he didnt give his magazine this great story. Autobild is known to be stupid and useless anyway.

Why is there a new thread about this anyway? This isnt news...all of this has been inside the old thread. http://forum.finalgear.com/viewtopic.php?t=8220&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0