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Mercedes/Mclaren SLR snapshots

Mercedes/Mclaren SLR snapshots

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Oct 25, 2004
Stavanger, Norway






Hahaha, are we turning into DieselStation now?
barely makes it into cool, but dang, your pics are awesome, and for the first time it looks somewhat good to me, but it's not the car, it's the pictures
SUb zero for me, wonder why......

anyway, good looking pics tommy. Any high-res?
I love this car... sub-zero for me... I love that long bonnet and the sound when the car accelerates is just amazing :D ,... even an enzo doesn't sound as good
I usually hate mercs, but this one I like, probably only for the sound the engine makes. I definitely like the spitfire engine sound, and wish I could get some other car that doesn't cost over half a million USD, that sounded similar.
SiR_dude said:
Uncool for me....dunno why...can't stand this car....
Same here. I'm not sure why either, I just don't like it. :thumbsdown:
I love my mercs but not this one. This supercar is going to be heavily dated within like 2years. The headlamps on the SLR were first seen on the SL back in 2001 & then again on the CLK 2002. The C-Class also has a similar look..my point is we will forget about this car very quickly :cry: .
BTW: I actually like the interior of the SLR after seeing ur pic :thumbsup:
vexor: Yes I got many pictures of it in highres. But I wasnt satisfied with the pictures because there where too many people in my way... I can "link" the pictures to you in a PM when I get home from school today.

And for me the car is uncool. I like its looks, but its still not a cool car. Its just a bit too "bling bling" for my taste. And who will bye this car? Fifty year old men in desperate need of "the finest"...?

Anyway I would not mind borrowing on for a weekend though...
people who are looking for mind-blowing performance and exhalirtating ride would never buy this car... it has an auto gearbox... but don't you just love the sound :D
SiR_dude said:
Uncool for me....dunno why...can't stand this car....

same here
to bad it performs so well hu :x