Ownership Verified: Miami Weiß - My 1989 Chevrolet Corvette C4


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Oct 11, 2013

Quite similar performance options so this is an interesting reference. Looked quicker and more planted than I expected.


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Dec 10, 2012
'89 C4

Quite similar performance options so this is an interesting reference. Looked quicker and more planted than I expected.
Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting insight. I love these old motorweek insights, they did truly test their cars inside and out.

Some of my thoughts:

It's interesting that they say the body does have not the rigidity they expect and does make some noise - you can actually feel it a lot with the top down. Aftermarket solutions are available and I'd love to do that one day.

They also complain about the gearbox and differentail noises - the car comes with the so-called and german-made "black tag" ZF6, which is actually super loud. Later years got an american-made "blue tag" ZF6. It's also interesting to see that the shift mechanism looks as clunky and tough to handle as mine now does at 132.000 miles - so it was like this from factory. I still can't wait how a gearbox flush will make the shifts feel.

In terms of gearing, they state that the car should only use gears one to four for sporty driving, and while I have not taken the car to its true top speed yet, I had the car over 200 kph once and I definitely needed the fifth gear, if not the sixth later on. So maybe the have a taller gear ratio than I have (sounds the same in the acceleration test though), or just couldn't really test the true top speed of the car. Sixth gear is a partial overdrive, fifth definitely isn't.

One thing this test car comes with are the sport seats - oh how I'd love to have them, as they make you sit a little more snug and lower aswell. But considering I am not the biggest (and tallest, 175 cm) guy and I already struggle to sit in the standard seats that I have, I wonder how tight these sport seats really are. Anyway, they are a thing I'd like to upgrade one day, preferably in the (very rare) cloth version.

I like how they praise the adjustable suspension, called the FX3 option code. There's quite a big difference in terms of body roll between touring and sport, and it's actually super comfortable in the softest setting, which is what I always use. That does make the car sway around a lot (like the boat it is), but also, as I stated, very, very comfortable indeed. And you'll hear the least amount of creaking from the interior, so that's a bonus.

It's interesting to see how the car does wiggle up and down on the straight of the circuit they are on - I wonder in which setting the suspension was. Then again, it does that even in the hardest setting. Also, look at how that car handles, it does behave really well! I wonder if mine is as loud as theirs is from the outside. To me it feels like the car is much louder on the inside than the outside, and theirs does sound super growly on the outside aswell. I have to do some drive-by shots one day!

I like how they praise the brakes - the only mention the Z51 handling package, but I suspect their car got the upgraded brake package, that I do own, aswell. And apparently they had no troubles in running the car on a track for four days straight? Interesting - most people would argue that the C4 came with brakes which are not strong enough. Then again, that's most likely true for cars on the smaller brakes and with 16 inch instead of 17 inch wheels. Personally, I think the brakes are quite good - not too good, but also not really bad. I never really did consistent super hard brake tests with the car, so I can't really tell any more about this other than some emergency brake tests that I've done.

Anyway, this is all from the top of my head now, I might add some more insights towards that testing video and from my own experience about spordy driving later on.