Ownership Verified: Miata Isn't Always The Answer - Rick's 2023 Mazda CX-5 Premium

Heated seats can be turned on even with a unoccupied seat, but because it's not a physical rocker switch like Subarus and just a electronically controlled pushbutton, it resets to off every time the car is powered off.
Interesting, in my 3 the seated heats keep their settings after turning the car off. I can’t remember 100%, but I also think they only turn on if someone’s sitting on them too (at least the passenger one).
oh, as far as i understood rick's post the climate does do its job with the remote start... it's only that everything else is also being turned on unnecessarily.
Yup, this. The climate control does work as advertised!

Unteresting. I can remotely start the aircon which then searches for 21° C by heating or cooling, and you can heat or cool the carseats/steering wheel aswell. I know this very much a first world problem but I am both extremely lazy and pedantic so I kinda like it like that.
This doesn't "start" the car though, so even if someone broke in, they can't just leave with the car

With mine, if any door is opened everything shuts off. IDK what would happen if someone went through a window lol.
Woah, missed this thread when posted. Nice choice, that's by far the best colour Mazda offers.