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Michelin won't allow teams to race at Indy

I personally think this is aweful...I tyhink with only 6 drivers in it they shouldnt have points up for grabs because to be honest theyre not really even gonna work for it...especially not schumacher.....Na i dont like this at all
Man what a total BS situation, Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi going arounf in circles...

I know Ferrari was technically right when it opposed the solutions proposed, but by stuppornly defending their position they've ruined it for everybody. Fuck the business side I say and remeber that hte business only works if the fans are happy and right now I am not!
I think there should definetly be points up for grabs. If Michelin wants to be dicks, then their cars can suffer.
Well yes and no. Michelin was definitely to blame for bringing the wrong tyres, I mean they should have the knowhow to make strong enough tyres. BUT once they noticed this then all their proposals for fixing the situation were gunned down by Ferrari. After this there really was no option but to abandon the race, safety first and all that.

that race is so LAME!

6 cars... people are throwing shit on the circuit to make them black flag it... fucking Ferrari, hell even Shumi and Barichello said yes to the chicane!
Jarno Trulli said exactly what I feel about this. The Bridgestone cars are safe to race. The Michelin cars are unsafe due to a fault in their design. Therefore, it's perfectly fair for the Bridgestone cars to be running a race on their own.

I don't think this is stupid. However, it's simply outrageous. Michelin is known for making good tyres for every race. Why is it that the problem is on one particular turn on a repaved/ground American circuit? I don't think this is Michelin's fault. It has entirely to do with the tracks poor transition from the inner sectors to the outer oval and how an F1 tyre wasn't suited for such violent transition.

Tyres are the most important part on any car since it is the only component that actually touches the road. If a race car had unsafe suspension or faulty electronics, it would be unsafe and therefore not allowed to race. If Michelin tyres are unsafe to race, then all the cars with those tyres shouldn't be allowed to race. If a car is unsafe, you don't want to be gambling with the lives of the best road racers in the world just to compete in a single race.

Stupid are the American fans throwing things on the track. Everybody in the world is going to look at this as a portrayal of the typical American. GOOD JOB, NASCAR HOOLIGANS!!! As if Americans didn't have a serious image problem already . . .

Look on the bright side. This is the first race that Minardi may place on the podium! I can't wait for this to end!
boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :thumbsdown:

shame to ruin such a nice sport, 6cars started, very interesting...
go minardi, yeeaaaaaaaaah :bangin:
I don't think that you can blame the track. I mean Bridgestone made safe tyres?

And the manufacturers make specific tyres for each race anyway, the tyres used in Monaco wouldn't work in Monza etc. So why has Michelin got such a problem making tyres for Indy? Thay had the same issue last year already but it would seem that nothing has been done... They are compromising too much in order to gain faster vornering speeds on the slow section (less stiff sidewalls) and it is costin them in endurance on the fast sections. The "softer" sidewalss expand too much and tyres explode... (expert commentator on the telly, I am not this bright)
id love it if something went wrong for ferrari and minardi won...that would be brilliant
I blame the track because this is the only track where a tyre was "too unsafe" to use.
I can't really argue against the F1 commentators in Finland. :D

I wonder if Ferrari will blow a tyre and go into the barricade too. If that happens, it'll be Minardi history!

Like Coulthard just said, the FIA should have found a solution where all cars can race. Even if the Michelin cars could not win points, the damage to the American F1 audience could have been avoided. I hate the FIA and their stupid rules and regulations!!!

I just got some new info!!! The people on my TV was just commenting about the previous races held at Indy this year. In the last two races (Indy and NASCAR), the test sessions actually had to be cancelled because the circuit was so poorly repaved. They had to diamond grind the entire circuit before the car could go back. The American Indy race cars have tyres provided by FIRESTONE!!! This is probably why Bridgestone knew what kind of tyre to use at this race!

Now this makes sense. :thumbsup:
tbh I don't think that the Bridgestones will finish either - but Michelin could do nothing else but issue a warning to the teams. They should DEFINATELY have installed a chicane imo.
I gotta say I'd love it if Minardi won too... The bonuses would probably double their budget for the year :lol:
really a shame for the audience there, lot of people were eager to see something new in the us, lot of them wearing t-shirt saying nascar suxx, and now this.... :thumbsdown:

im with overheat, chicane would have been a solution imo.

the commentators on TV just said that when shumi pitted, he asked for a coffee! :lol:
there was just an interview with a guy who drove 8 hours to see the f1 race, needless to say he was pissed and disappointed :(
You really would think a group of mature adults could come to a suitable descision. Yes....it is fundamentally Michelins fault for making a tyre that is not strong enough...but, they had no data for the new surface, the track is not availble for tests and they don't run any other tyres round it, unlike Bridgestone, who have Firestone as a sister company getting data from the Indy 500.

All this comes down to politics. Ferrari and the FIA have been idiots again and painted themselves into a corner. There were other solutions to the problem and as the Michelin runners said, they'd be happy to race for no points if the chicane was added. There are people who paid hundreds to get to the race from Panama and Mexico to see 6 cars drive in circles for 2hrs.