Michigan86 Spring Meet and Cruise


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Jul 16, 2009
Metro Detroit
'13 Subaru BRZ, '04 GMC Yukon
Yesterday, Michigan86, the Michigan FRS/BRZ owners club had our spring meet and back roads cruise. We had a pretty large turnout. That proved to be a more a curse than a blessing during cruise. We ended up getting separated by other traffic and others not knowing the route. It was still a lot of fun and the roads were a blast. They may not look great compared to other more popular driving roads but they're the best in my area.

Pre-cruise meet at Old Carolina BBQ

In car photo

The group that made it to the end that didn't get separated.

Video of the route. Please excuse the bad music. I sped up the video and the software just dropped the audio track so I dropped in some royalty-free music.