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Microsoft's snapshot eraser


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Dec 19, 2004
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It's photo-editing software Joseph Stalin would have loved. Microsoft researchers have come up with technology that can remove an image, say a person, from the foreground and then replicate the background that the no-longer-visible person was blocking. The technology, developed by Microsoft's China research lab, was on display at the expo hall at the Professional Developers Conference here.

In one example provided by Microsoft, a cute kid stands in front of a curb. Want to erase the kid and have only the lovely curb? No problem. The technology appears to work as advertised, but Microsoft's choice of samples seems to indicate a challenge finding practical applications.

Full story: CNET | Screenshots

Thats pretty good, something like what Photoshop can do?
If you could add other stuff, that would make it an instant hit. (well on the internet)

.. the random panda or large rubber duckie..?
O-o that's pretty amazing. That'd take hours off of photoshopping
Cyclone said:
O-o that's pretty amazing. That'd take hours off of photoshopping
If you have basic photoshop knowledge, it wont take more than 5minutes. Maybe in some pictures, where you'd have to make up some sort of complicated background, it could take a while.

Anyhow, the thing is still quite an achievement.
Very impressive...im an ABSOLUTE NOOB when it comes to photoshopping and its hard to get a free photoshop application that doesnt run out in 30-days so this is real good.
Wow, I want it. Using the clone tool is a pain in the ass. :|
Yeah this is pretty neat for sure, especially for me, I am a total Photoshop n00b as well. This could be useful when editing wallpapers to meet my standards.