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Feb 7, 2005
Pretty good episode, that 1007 seems to me like a practical smart car, wouldn't have one, but I hope it takes off, be nice to have another new idea on the market.

Tom still pisses the hell out of me though, I pray to god he never gets a slot on TG.

I didn't think the diesel bit was too bad, it was interesting to hear about he company car tax changing (means I might get a subura again instead of a skoda :woot: ) but I guess thats more a brit/euro intrest thing also without him FG would just look like a complete TG wanna be.

FQ400 vs Noble, 2 great cars I would love to own both, I'm not supprised about the noble being fastest at all. but it wasn't like the Evo was slow :)

As for tiff and jodie, it's always great to see tiff behind the wheel (just like old TG times) I hope they follow this though a bit, it will be great to see jodie improve and tiff thrash the crap out of the rest of the field. Maybe tiff and jason should enter together. :thumbsup:
Not open for further replies.