Mini-Roadtrip 2021 - From Schwarzwald with love

^ Good stuff. - Keep the reports coming people. I don't mind repeating parts, it's always interesting to see other peoples perspective, be it in photos or words. (y)
I didn't take many pictures, and didn't fully overlap with all activities, so here's even more perspective ?

Day 0 / Sunday / roadtrip day 16: Still in France, not in the Alps any more.


Day 1 / Monday / roadtrip day 17: Invading from France, replacing the roadtrip crew's lust for Autobahns and Museums with twisties. No pictures.

Day 2 / Tuesday / roadtrip day 18: First contact with the roadtrip crew. Unimog Museum. Lunch with a portal-axled view.

Can you spot a theme?

Some museum overviews



I'll skip the details because we've had a load of those already ... off to the outside!

@Adrian's new ride :-D

WALTER! :heart:

Stairs? What stairs? :dunno:

Unimog party piece, all the Verschränkung.

Their mobile setup with a slightly more modern but still very appropriate tow vehicle.

Note how many things of all sorts you could connect to that front :wub: I failed to take an actual full frontal picture though :-(


Day 3 / Wednesday / roadtrip day 19: Twisties, Schauinsland, dam, invading Mrs Thomas' house.

Mostly well covered already, so have a view:

Anyone need a lift?

We took the blue Porsche today, in order to match the beer crates :nod:

Day 4 / Thursday / roadtrip day 20: Scenic route to Ringmeet instead of the roadtrip crew's usual lust for Autobahns and museums :roll:

Surprise roadside @ninjacoco :wave:

Saw massive pickups while refueling at Ramstein after they refused to send a KC-130 out to the A6 :shakefist: but I didn't take pictures, figured "don't mess with US troops" is a good strategy.
I'm still annoyed Donau Santa wouldn't bring me a parsh.

Also, perkele.
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Someone is ready to party with a lot of beer bottles. It seems like you are having so much fun on this trip.
Oh, my version of that photo is definitely going in the review.