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Mini-rolls from Chrysler


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Nov 14, 2005
Chrysler Imperial,





A complete rip-off in my eyes, the front of a phantom the rear has something flying spur-ish, the doors are again rolls and so are the wheels.

in one word Ugly, i guess..
:? :? :cry:
I decided not to act like an arse and give you my opinion (ugly) before pointing you in the right direction -> Automotive News / Spy Shots / Concepts / Rumor Mill.

Honestly though, this is a prototype/photoshop right ?
the only way to tell the back from the front is the color of the lights. its really ugly.
swek said:
Honestly though, this is a prototype/photoshop right ?
You know what's really scary? It isn't.

When I first saw this, I puked a little. Literally.

It's a Rolls with raccoon eyes, jacked up so drug dealers can hide their cocaine in the rocker panels a la The French Connection. Did Iacocca make a comeback?
wtf were they thinking, even the wheels are similar to the phantom
I could only imagine rapper-wannabes would be driving this car, because they don't make as much as 50cent, but want to look like him :lol:
jayjaya29 said:
Wow, this thing is horrific. I've lost my appetite.
You said it.. :thumbsdown:
This is a patethic replica of the Roller.
Totally uncreative. Kinda like Chrysler in general!
The responsibles should be jailed for copying the wonderfully Rolls Royce that shamelessly! And if that's not enough, those bastards managed to make it look worse in every aspect I can think of, just look at it:


It's just insane how much they have copied. How could anybody let that meet the eyes of the public? The sketches should have been burned, twice! And then the ashes burried in some remote corner of Siberia, along side the designers.
I was eating damnit!!
To be fair (and believe me, it's hard to be fair to such a shamelessly ugly design abortion), the Imperial name is important to Chrysler, kind of like the DB name to Aston Martin. The Imperial has always been the top Chrysler since its introduction in the 20's, and it's been used as its own nameplate and as presidential limos.

Now that everybody has the retro virus, Chrysler figures it'd be a nice time to show off how versatile their LX platform is (underpinning the Challenger concept as well as the 300C and Charger) and bringing back a famous brand that everybody's forgotten about.

Too bad it's still monstrously, hideously, disgustingly ungainly and bloated, much like the rappers who will use it if it ever deigns to sneak past the brain trust and spawn its way into a production line, like the evil Beetle in that Herbie movie.