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Mini Wagon Concept


Little Nudger
Aug 18, 2005
Moto Guzzi V7 Special, Saab 900 Turbo
Jeez, it looks like a Mini designed by Americans.



It won't be too roomy, and it won't be as fun to drive. What's the point of getting a Mini for the room? :thumbsdown:

Plus, those doors look humongous.

From Top Gear. Figures, huh.
Jostyrostelli said:
That would be a great pimper though :thumbsup:
For the economy-minded pimp who wants to save money at the pumps. :lol:
Overheat said:
those wheels aint too hot

True - but they match the yuckyness of the whole thing. What's up with putting the headlights up there??? :yucky:

Sad really, I love the normal Mini...
That, is fantastic. They have kept the spirit of the old mini, stuck with the 'van style' rear doors, I love it. Dunno about the wheels, but the rest is mmmm. A perfect blend of history and now!
Fugly bastard...
They're really cashing on the brand... :thumbsdown:
Come on, make the comparison!! Look at all the old styling cues in the new one!! This is a better modern interpretation of the mini than the one currently on sale! This is closer to the old one. Fantastic!!

Sorry, Monsieur Levitating Refrigerator, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this. This new one doesn't seem to capture any of the originality and ingenuity of the original. It really does look like they're cashing in on the brand. A Mini is in a class of its own; this one's destined to be compared with Ford Escapes and whatnot. And besides, BMW gives them pretty much all the money they need, so it's not like they're strapped for cash and need big-volume vehicles like Jaguar.

I won't be surprised if they did a cute-ute Mini Moke afterwards... :unsure:
I love it! :D (Besides the wheels of course)
:shock: Moke. YES!! Hope they do!

I find it interesting that you say they're cashing in on the brand. Sure, they may be, but all those years ago when Mini made the estate and Moke, were they cashing in on the brand then too?
Its so ugly! :thumbsdown:

Even with that size wheelbase, its still only a 2-door :bangin: