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MiniBike film DivX *link inside*


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May 29, 2004
I filmed about 20 minutes, and 15minutes on the final edit now.

I need a few songs that I can use.

Haz sent me an album (I think Chemical Brothers) but I formatted that disk so I don't have it anymore, I think there were some nice ones from that I could use.

And he (my brother) wants nice music, no Jessica Simpson etc :p

Any suggestions?

LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3YFD5LX
About 50mb and about 5 mins.
Depends.. Is it scenematic or action packed?
I'm doing the first part with Enjoy the Silence from Depeche Mode (by Mike Shinoda), I need one for the second one, yes action ,the first one was a litle bit intro with action.
Thanks, I'll use them in the big minibike film, I just finished the small one for my brother, with him only. Pretty neat.

Gonna upload it soon.
You have to put some circus music in it. (.. monkey rideing a tricycle music..?)

Its hard to explain in writing what it sounds like, but i think most people know what I'm talking about.
I uploaded it, its about 50 mb, everybody around here liked it.


Please give me some feedback, I need feedback because this is very n00bish editing compared to the real nicer films.
Well, finally we know who the Ghostrider is! ;-)

I was talking about the girl in the flower shirt ;-)


Lilleput said:
Liked the timing with the music alot..

Thanks, been working on that for 2 hours to get it right, I had 20minutes of raw footage and if you watch closely you'll see he does a complete lap and I stand at each corner in that lap, took me quite some time to get that right AND the music too. But it was all worth it 8)

MXM: yes, because I filmed :lol: :p