Misheard Lyrics, a.k.a. mondegreens


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Mar 29, 2008
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I just stumbled upon this video and thought it was too good to disappear in the depths of the "funny videos" thread but worth starting a new thread about misheard lyrics, also known as mondegreens.



I'm sure that most of you misunderstood lyrics in songs, dialogues in movies or anywhere else wrong in a funny way at some point in the past.

Of course you can simply google the topic and post what other folks already put on the internet but maybe there are also some genuine experiences to share with the Final Gear community.
CCR - Bad Moon Rising.

"There's a bathroom, on the right"

Actual lyrics

"There's a bad moon, on the rise"

:love: creedence!

Coolio - gangsta's paradise

"i take a look at my life, and realise there ain't much left"

"i take a look at my wife, and realise she's realy deaf"
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Finally, a Buffalax thread.
I never found Slayer that hard to understand. As metal vocals go, Tom Arraya's are quite clear. Funy video, though.

It was only within the last couple of months that I realized that the start of "Footloose" goes:

Been working/so hard/I'm punching/my card.

For 25 years, I thought the guy was washing his car.

And my buddy Dave's interpretation of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence":

Pleasures reaming/soldiers burping
Alright, some popular mondegreens are obviously:

"When a man loves a walnut" instead of "When a man loves a woman" by Percy Sledge

"I got my first real sex-dream" sings Bryan Adams in "Summer of 69" -- or was it "I got my first real six-string?"

Was Bob Dylan really singing "The answer, my friend..." or was it "The ants are my friend"?

And then there is Freddy Mercury, who obviously informed us about his barbecue experiences during the song "We are the champions": It can only mean "I made me steaks, I made a few", or?

However, the most well-known mondegreen in Germany is from a song of former Smokie singer Chris Norman: "Midnight Lady". At some point in the song he sings "Oh my feelings grow".
But to a German it sounds more like "Oma fiel ins Klo", which means "Grandma fell into the loo" :lol:
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I was never able to make out the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter. Even with them in front of me, I still stuggle to hear them corrently. Part of it may be that they are completely nonsensical to me.

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I was never able to make out the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter. Even with them in front of me, I still stuggle to hear them corrently. Part of it may be that they are completely nonsensical to me.
There have never been official lyrics released for Yellow Ledbetter, as far as I know.
That could explain things. I was going by one of those lyrics sites, not knowing how accurate it was.
There's always the old DMB song "Crash" that people swear is "hike up your skirt little boy" instead of hike up your skirt a little more. Although I have to admit Dave is mighty hard to understand even on a good day.

The one popular Fall Out Boy song, it really sounds to me, in the beginning of the chorus, "I'm going downtown, in a merry-go-round."
I'm not usually a mondegreen victim nowadays, but I know I used to miss-hear things all the time as a kid. The one I remember right now off the top of my head is that I used to think the The Doors' Riders on the Storm (my dad used to play a lot of music from his 'era' when my brother and I were growing up) was actually called 'Spiders on the Floor'. I blame my mild arachnophobia for that one. :lol:
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I just have to post the Styx misheard lyrics page I found a few years back. Some of them are pretty plain, but there are some funny ones in there. For example, from Come Sail Away...

"But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold..."
"But somehow we missed out and we lost our clothes..."

"They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies..."
"They climbed aboard that starship Enterprise..."

And all of the ones from I'm Okay. :lol: And just because,

"Love is the ritual."

"Love isn't grinchable."
"Love is habitual."
"Love is a bitch, you ho." :rofl:
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Also Highway to Hell:
"Season ticket on a one-way ride"

"Sees a ni**er on a one way ride" <-- even typing it like that makes me feel weird.

I never heard it that way until I heard someone else mention it, and now I cringe every time I listen to the song.
Mine was "Angel of the Morning". Probably a pretty common one.

For years growing up I heard the chorus as "Just brush my teeth before you leave me", but I figured that a young woman wouldn't really be asking her lover to clean her teeth and leave them in the glass by the bed for her, so it had to be wrong. But everyone I asked had no idea what it was either.

Finally I googled it and found the correct lyric was "Just touch my cheek before you leave me".