Misquote the person above you

Misquote the person above you

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I don't trust those overgrown mongooses.

Now look, you've made Alexandr cry.

Right, that's it, I'm calling the RESPECT, Find out what it means to me!
Take care, TCB

Err, sorry, I got carried away, what was I supposed to say again?

I think originally you were going to try and get Nereid in trouble. Please carry on, as I'd like to see what they think about his dead illegal pet.
I love PaperBiro and Ashspet. I am also very sorry that Alexandr was crying. I want to give him a big hug.

Perhaps you can take him home to live with you?
Ashes to Ashes spoiler:
I wish Gene Hunt would have died instead of Supt. Mac in tonight's Ashes to Ashes.

Wow, you're messed up. :mad: :thumbsdown:
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Also: Thanks for filling me in on Ashes to Ashes. I missed it, so that's awfully nice of you.

No problem mate ;)

/LOL sorry. I was trying to spoil it for Nereid.
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@darkshark: shit, thanks for spoiling it. <_<


Who on god's earth takes a shat indoors?

Um, are you not from the civilised world?