Mixed Drinks!

I've had a few jagerbomb nights now and while they're a ton of fun, I always feel guilty the next day because i just know how incredibly unhealthy they are.
Nonetheless jagermeister is one of my favourite hard liquors and I'm lookin for more drinks involving it, but don't involve heart-stopping energy drinks, any ideas?

Internet searches inform me of Dr. Jager, essentially a drop shot of jag into Dr. Pepper. Sounds like it could be fun.
Made some watermelon daiquiris to complement my grilled watermelon sunday. I froze the left over mix and then scrapped it out with a wooden spoon to make a cool little desert you can eat with a spoon.




Internet searches inform me of Dr. Jager, essentially a drop shot of jag into Dr. Pepper. Sounds like it could be fun.

not a shot... it should be mixed and imbibed as you would a rum and coke

also my friends are ridiculous...
A while back, Sean asked me for my Mai Tai recipe. As some of you know, this is a subject about which I have fairly strong opinions, so i thought you might be interested in seeing the reply I gave him. I share it in hopes that some of you might take a walk down the golden path of wisdom and become Tiki Alchemists yourselves.

> The Mai Tai is not a drink for which a ?recipe?
> can be made, inasmuch as a recipe is a list of things that go together and have
> a predictable end result. It?s more of a cross between a recipe and a technique.
> A Mai Tai is a methodology, a means by which one can appreciate the interplay
> between two excellent rums. What we?re doing here is blending a couple
> rums with a few ingredients that enhance the enjoyment of rum. We are not
> making a TGI McFuntimes Flirty-Mai-tai-rita Cosmo-tini, where the flavors are all
> determined by the base of the cocktail, and then punch is added by hiding
> liquor in it. I have a friend who complains that my Mai Tais are ?awful?
> because they are too strong and he tastes too much rum. This opinion(like
> most opinions contrary to my own) belies his colossal, criminal ignorance.
> His own signature cocktail contains enough midori and sour mix to kill a busload
> of diabetic horses, so I will encourage you to indulge whatever inferences you
> care to make about his lack of refinement. The Mai Tai is about the rum, about tasting
> the rum. It is about enjoying the rum, so clearly you want to use good
> rum. The original recipe, which as far as (most) booze historians can determine
> was concocted by Trader Vic Bergeron in 1944, contains rum which no longer
> exists, so we will have to try to recreate the character from things that are
> still around. This is not a problem.
> It is important then that both rums are good enough to drink
> on their own, like one would a fine scotch, from a bell-shaped tumbler. You
> need to select two rums that have complimentary flavor characteristics. A
> smooth golden aged rum with a nutty, soft- woody character paired with an old,
> dark, molassesssey rum with nice legs and a round rich mouthfeel is my favorite
> combination. The current ?default? Mai Tai for people who still
> care about things like Mai Tais is usually based on what Tiki enthusiast Jeff ?Beachbum?
> Berry called ?The $100 Mai Tai? . It?s a simple formula, true
> to the original, and easy to modify to suite one?s particular tastes,
> which I do. Prepare the ingredients quickly before you put anything into the
> glass; you don?t want anything to sit and bruise while you derf about
> measuring things later.
> Before you go slinging rums around, though, you?re
> going to want to prepare a comfy home for them. The ?framework? of
> the mai tai is made as follows; squeeze the juice from one entire fresh lime
> into a shaker of ice. You?re looking for between an ounce and an ounce
> and a half. Closer to an ounce is better, to ensure the lime does not carry the
> drink. Save half of the squeezed out lime shell. You will need that later. Then
> pour in a quarter-ish ounce each of orgeat syrup and rock candy syrup. I tend
> to use a tiny bit more orgeat than is strictly needed. Orgeat is an almond
> syrup that you can either make or buy. I used to substitute DiSorono Amaretto
> for it, but that?s not really ?authentic? if there is such a
> thing. Rock candy syrup is just simple syrup, but if you do make your own as I
> have occasionally done, I encourage you to add a vanilla bean while the sugar
> water reduces. The faint whiff of vanilla plays well with the almond, lime and
> rum. Do NOT make straight up vanilla flavored water or some abomination like
> that. Next, if this was a regular Mai Tai, we would add a half ounce or so of
> triple sec. A really good one like Cointreau is fine, or the original Marie
> Brizzard if you can find it. But a lot of obnoxious people who take silly tiki
> drinks too seriously (like me) have been using a little something called
> Clement?s Creole Rum Shrub, which you can actually buy at Julio?s
> around here. It?s an orange flavored rhum agricole, with
> mysterious hints of this and that thrown in for good measure. The rum base blends
> more harmoniously with the rums you?re adding shortly than does a triple
> sec?s neutral spirit. Plus it?s more pretentious, so absolutely I
> like it more. In any case, use about three quarters of an ounce, since I find
> it?s actually less sweet than triple sec.
> Anyway, now it?s time to add the rum. A generous
> ounce of Saint James 15-year Hors D'Age Rum mixed with a generous ounce of
> Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Rum is the combination that is currently in
> vogue, and I like it very, very, very much. But as I alluded to earlier part of
> the fun is finding two rums that work well together and making your own favorite
> version of the drink. I suggest getting the ones above and seeing how you like
> that. Did I mention getting the ingredients for this ?$100 Ma Tai?
> is going to cost you about $130? Ah, the joys of inflation. Still more than
> worth it, of course. So now you have all these wonderful things in your shaker
> with your ice. Now shake the hell out of it. Just really go to town on the poor
> thing. Crack the nice frosty shaker open, and either dump it into an empty
> double old fashioned glass (maybe even triple, if you?ve had a heavy
> hand) or strain it into one which has been filled with crushed ice. Now garnish
> it with the lime shell you saved, and a sprig of fresh mint. Grab the mint in
> one palm and slap your hands together as if the mint suggested that maybe you
> have a drinking problem. You?re smacking it around a bit to just barely
> awaken the essential oils in it. The smell of the mint as you drink is salubrious
> to the Mai Tai experience, and I do not suggest omitting it. You can also throw
> in a spear of pineapple with a (real) maraschino cherry stuck to it with one of
> those classy little plastic swords. Whatever. All I?m saying if you are
> going to skimp on the garnish, don?t skip the mint. Anyway, finish with a
> short straw (I cut a regular straw down to 2/3 length with scissors myself
> because I am handy, like Sandra Lee) and drink that bad larry.
> It takes less time to make than it does to read this, but I
> wanted you to understand exactly the kind of solemn gravitas I expect you to
> bring to your little paper umbrella drinks. Preparing a Mai Tai is a ritual, a
> sacrament whereby you transfigure simple ingredients into the blood of the gods
> by way of ethanol alchemy. It is a serious responsibility, and requires much
> practice. Fortunately, almost any occasion warrants Mai Tais. Got an A on a
> paper? Got promoted at work? Day ending in ?Y?? That?ll do.
> Sl?inte!
> -Shamus
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Well. I got properly drunk last night off Gin & Tonics. Didn't help the friend mixing them was going 1:1 with the gin and tonic. I enjoyed them a bit too much :lol:
Vodka + Red Bull, especially on a thursday night in the club ?2.50 for a pint of it :D
Does anyone know how to make a proper Brandy Alexander?

I had one recently, that very well may have been made wrong, that contained both creme de cacao and creme de mint. However, all the recipes I have found only call for creme de cacao.

So, did I get a Brandy Alexander made wrong, or did I get a completely different drink?
Korn was the most disgusting "beverage" I've ever put in my mouth. Brought a bottle back from Kiel. Eugh.
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Third Reich

1 shot Jagrmeister
1 shot Goldschlager
1 shot Rumple Minze

Freeze the bottles and pour in a rocks glass(because it will only fit in that) and prepare for a great night. 3 of them will light you up like a rocket and they are super easy to drink.
I usually drink beer, but a decent G&T is always welcome. Then we have the drink that my friend calls "Kiss me, i'm shitfaced" after the Dropkick Murphys song. 50/50 J?germeister and Red Bull. It's usually consumed in plastic mugs when we are at the Gatebil festival in Norway and it hits like a barrel of bricks.
we call it jekkupatteri (prank battery) it contains 50/50 j?ger and battery.
if i dare to get drunk on that, the next day my teeth are killing me...

way to sweet! (same with mojito)
Beer and vodka is the obvious one if you for some reason need to get really hammered really quick. Something else I tried a few times is:

100ml Jack Daniels
50ml aftershock
50ml absinthe*

in a tall glass, fill the rest of it with Sprite/7up.

*possibly with a different name in your region and is of course fully safe to drink and related to the Eurotrip version only by name.