Mixed Drinks!

What are your favourite mixed drinks?[...]
Southern Ginger (Ale)

- Southern Comfort (1 part)
- Ginger Ale (4 parts)

... some people add a splash of Lemonjuice to balance the sweetness of it all - I don?t.
Got a new favourite drink, Bombay Sapphire and cranberry juice. Nom nom.
Fill a glass with ice.

Pour 2-3 oz of Tanqueray gin over the ice.

another 3-4 oz of blue curaco on top of that quickly.

then gently pour in orange juice/five alive so the colors stay separated. The yellow and blue will partially mix creating a lime green drink with a deep blue bottom couple of inches.

Gets you fucked up and gets people asking you questions. I think I invented it but I guess I'll never know for sure.

It's sugary though. might not wanna drink them exclusively for a whole night.

keeping with the multi-colored theme.


doing them in shots. great success.

The bottles are oil/vinegar bottles bought for about 4 bucks each at wal-mart. everybody's saying I've got potions haha
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