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MMA 2012

I only have one prediction to make here.

JDS via KO. That is all.

The other fights are good, but this is the only that matters the most.
I am biased, but I love seeing JDS fight.
Here's my pick for that fight, it's very easy.

JDS via KO. This will be a very one sided fight.

I love it when I am on the money like this. Mir had NOTHING for JDS.

PB I'll be back later with a new sig for you.
I love it when I am on the money like this. Mir had NOTHING for JDS.

PB I'll be back later with a new sig for you.

Uh, we didn't have a bet going on for this fight, I said I would consider it, I never accepted it. So better luck next time :p.
The women in the room were disgusted and scared with the bloodfest.
JDS is still very amusing to watch.
Quick picks for 148.

Anderson/Sonnen - I want Chale to win, but I'm sure Silva will end up getting his hand raised, so I'm going with him. I'll still be cheering for Sonnen every step of the way though.

Ortiz/Griffin - Griffin, there is nothing else to say.

Le/Cote - Cote, Le has no place in the UFC nor being this high up on a PPV.

Kim/Maia - Kim, because Maia continues to refuse to use his black belt for anything other than holding up his pants.
Only one pick that matters here.

Anderson to win.
Sonnen had an awesone first round, thought he might have won after that. The knee to the body that did all the damage was a lot like the one Rashad used to defeat Tito.
I like seeing Cung Le fight. I like to see someone who can throw good kicks. :dunno:

Silva x Sonnen:
That first round got me worried.
The beginning of the second round got me even more worried, until Anderson finally managed to keep standing and the inevitable happened.
We were watching in a crowd and even the girls were screaming "Hit this motherfucker! Make him bleed!" :lol:
Ah yeah, it felt good.


Predictions for tonight.

So I read this bit of news a little while ago, and my brain is still trying to figure out if Dana was being serious or not.

Apparently, if Shogun beats Vera (and in theory he should, but you never know with him), he'll be getting the next title shot. And the winner of Bader/Machida will also possibly be up for the next title shot depending on how things play out... I can't believe it.

So it looks like no matter what happens, Jones will be facing someone he already destroyed within the last two years or so. I say the winner of each bout should face each other for the next title shot, it would sure as hell lend more credibility as a contender.
Well, we can only hope those fighters improved in the last year or so, otherwise Jones will just mash them to a pulp...
UFC on FOX 4.

Rua/Vera - This feels like one of those times when everyone figures the fight can only end one way, and as a result I have a feeling the MMA gods are going to step in and go "Oh really? Watch this". By all logic, Vera should get the shit kicked out of him, but as I've said many times in the past, Shogun is so damn inconsistent in the UFC. I thought he looked like crap in the Griffin and Henderson fights, he just hasn't been the same since Jones added his soul to his collection. He's also been out for almost a year (again), I think there is a decent chance Vera could really score the upset here, I'm still picking Rua but I would not be shocked to see everyone with their jaws on the floor at the end.

Rua, but I'm expecting an Vera upset.

Machida/Bader - Machida is by far the better fighter here with a lot more tools in his arsenal, but I wonder how he's going to look after also getting his soul ripped out by Jones last year. Bader is making improvements to his striking and cardio, but I don't think it will be enough here. I'm not writing him off completely though, IF he's able to take Lyoto down I fully believe his wrestling is good enough to keep his ass on the mat and avoid any submissions, if he could do it to Lil Nog he could do it to Machida. But that is a big IF, we very well might see Machida just backpedal the entire fight and pick Ryan apart with counters like he always does. He's also on the wrong side of 30 and we might see age start to catch up with him here.

Machida, but I'm rooting for a Bader upset.

It really should be Vera/Bader and Shogun/Machida on this card with the winner of each facing each other for the next shot at Jones. Machida is the least deserving of the three and I don't see any of them having any more luck against Jones a second time around unless they suddenly decide to sanction a handicap match.

Davis/Prado - I'm very interested to see how Davis looks coming off not only his first loss but also getting dominated in biggest strength, wrestling. He's still a prospect, but he doesn't have nearly as much shine as he used to, and it's not because he lost, it's because he's not improving as fast as he needs to. He really really needs to work on his striking or else he's never going to truly crack the top 10, and while he has an incredible wrestling pedigree, he needs to learn how to adapt it to mma, maybe spending some times with Evans would help him out. I know nothing about Prado except he's replacing Griggs on short notice.

Davis via wrestling and hopefully a new submission move.
You pick Machida and Shogun to win, but you want their opponents to win in upsets?

Why not just outright pick Bader and Vera in the first place? Seems like fairweather fan behaviour to me. :p

My picks

Rua - don't let me down please, I've been your fan for years, please be as good as I hope you will be tonight.

Machida - bad style match up for Bader, Lyoto should take this unless Bader has worked his speed like a madman.

Davis - his wrestling and sub skills should see him through this, but his opponent is unknown and the last Brazilian matched up with a top contender was JDS when he blasted Werdum. Davis should avoid that fate IMO however.
So Machida/Jones II is almost certain to happen... wtf is with Lyoto getting title shots after a single victory? Let him get another win or two under his belt before being gifted another chance at Jones.

As for Rua, I'm not sure if that's just how far he's fallen or if Vera just gave pure hell, but either way he looked like shit tonight. After all these years you'd think he would have developed some cardio by now. Credit to Vera to hanging in there and nearly finishing him with that guillotine.
Tough fight for Shogun glad he got the win.

Props to Vera he did really well and I hope he can maintain the level of dedication he showed tonight. It's a tough thing to lay it all on the line and get beaten down like that. He had Shogun in some tough spots there.

Neither of these guys did enough to earn a title shot IMO, Jones belt is looking safe for the forseeable future, Jones will likely only play the rematch smarter than before to win again.

Bader you got owned forget about the title, it won't happen.
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Bendo to win - like to see him get the finish here.
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While their first fight was debatable, I thought Frankie took it tonight 3-2. In my book he won rounds 2, 4, and 5. At least Bendo didn't do his typical "praise the lord jesus" crap after the fight.

Cerone/Guillard was a surprising fight. But I think it's clear that Melvin needs to get away from the Blackzillians and go back to Greg Jackson.

And Shields gave the typical Shields fight, bad striking with a lot of lay and pray. Anyone thinking or saying he's a threat to Silva are out of their fucking minds.