MMA 2013

I think this is a good direction. Lots of things in the UFC are bullshit, now we have one less of those.
Speaking of shit

That was a huge WTF moment :lol:
Well... I did not expect Barao get beaten pillar to post like that, the Alpha Male curse is finally broken.
In a way, I felt he got "Out-Barao'nd".
Dillashaw used the same strategy that made Barao win all those fights. He was a better representation of the Barao style than Barao himself.
At this rate, I wouldn't be too surprised if Vitor were to fail his test and there will be a gap in the card.
Almost there, soon I'll be able to partake here.. Few years ago I decided that I'll watch all numbered UFCs in order. And while doing that got distracted by PrideFC as well, and watched all of those. :D UFC 158 and 160 "on the card" today.

Time for a 2014 thread?
I've been picking up the pace with my MMA writing lately, if anyone is so inclined, here are some of my latest bits of work.

How I Became An MMA Fan -

The Jake Shields Cure For Insomnia -

Phil Davis - I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Disappointed -

King Mo vs Rampage - A Worked Shoot -

TJ Dillashaw - When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong -

USA vs Brazil - Why It's Bullshit And Needs To Stop -

A note to Redliner about this last one, I know you said you weren't born in Sao Paulo, but I couldn't remember where you were born, so I just fudged it. Sorry.

And finally, I took part in what's known as the Bloody Elbow Civil War a few months ago. It's basically like fantasy baseball/football but a lot less complex. You get drafted to a team and then pick who's going to when a fight and how, and you get points based on how accurate you are. This is basically a recap of my first season doing it, you might get a chuckle out of it, you might not.

A Complete And Unmitigated Failure - My First BECW Season -

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
That's OK. I'm happy to be part of it (but next time, try to remember it's Porto Alegre :p).

Your writing is very good as usual. Congrats.
No promises, it seriously took me a month to remember my own cell phone number, but I'll try.
We really need a 2014 thread. :lol:
Does the thread title confuse you that much? :p Maybe change it to 2013/2014..?

Even I'm at the correct year by now (at UFC 169). :cool:
This is exactly what the MMA world doesn't need..
More of my writing for anyone interested.

The nWo Invades Bellator - If you didn't follow pro wrestling in the mid to late 90's, most of this will probably go over your head.

My Solution To The Diaz Dilemma - Just a few days after I posted this, Nick signed a new contract, coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Shane Carwin On Earth Prime - And this I just threw together for fun.

Pieces I'm working on include one covering the HW title curse, a Failing Upwards for Vitor, and another attempt at comedy with the UFC Retirement Home.