MMA 2013

Brazilian media has been pretty "meh" about it.
They are reporting the results but being pretty neutral, which is surprising.

I, on the other hand, am very disappointed.
So... that Rockhold isn't someone to fuck with. Damn, I was picking Luke to win but I wasn't expecting him to dominate him worse than Jones did. I've been saying for a long time now (not on here) that I thought Lyoto was going to start dropping off because of his age and cutting more weight after years spent at 205, but he just got brutalized out there, and shame on his corner for sending him out in the 2nd when he was clearly already toast.
I misread the scheduling for the fight and missed it. Perhaps it was for the best, I like Lyoto.
You think moving up a weight class would be a good move for him?
Some people are saying Lyoto only lost because Rockhold was so much bigger, forgetting that he used to be the fucking LHW champ, but I think it's really a mix of two things. One, as I already said, his age. He's not going to get any faster and the cut to 185 HAS to be taking more of a toll than he lets on. Two, the puzzle that Machida used to be was figured out a long time ago, it's just that the number of fighters who have the tools and can gameplan to beat him is rather small.

There are a lot of fights he could still win at 185 or 205, but his chances of ever contending for a title are over, age is going to beat everyone eventually.
Vai cavalo! :D
Just made some money betting on McGregor tonight.

First things first, let me say, I did not in any way predict this. I was ready for literally anything - a 25 minute war, Aldo to submit Conor in round 1 or for him to KO Conor, for Conor to wear him down with body shots then finish him.

As I placed my bet, I doubted it afterwards, I just went with my gut and picked Conor by KO. Through the night my confidence tanked, I had bet on Weidman and lost already. At that point I was questioning everything... I wanted Conor to win, to shake the game up, I had already downed a few whiskey's by the time Bruce Buffer had done his thing, trying to calm my nerves.

Disappointed it ended so quickly, would have to see liked at least 1 full round, Jose definitely deserves a rematch after this, he was the top guy for years and it would be an insult for him not to get a chance to win back his belt.

For all the mud slinging, I want no part of it, nobody could have predicted this and if they tell you they did, they're probably bluffing, I certainly couldn't. If anything I hope this shows that not all McGregor fans are blind fanatics, blinded by their emotions.

I'm done here, I've been up all night and it's now nearly 7 am here in Scotland. I need to eat, maybe watch this whole craziness again later to reflect.