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Moderators.. cool it.

Moderators.. cool it.

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Jan 1, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Locking threads too quickly.

Regarding the Post your Ride ( http://forum.finalgear.com/viewtopic.php?t=2209 ).
Your thread was ancient (over a year ago), had 10 posts, was buried.
And had no pics.

Mine asked for pics and a short description.
You locked it. Why? And who was it hurting?

Not impressed.
Thought I was on a car enthusiast board.
Well quite frankly, that thread already has pics of a lot of the member's cars, why have two places for it?
And BTW, if you know me, I rarely lock anything.
Let's see if anyone agrees / disagrees to see if we unlock it.

EDIT: Added a poll.
I voted to keep it locked... if you want to post your ride... post it in that thread... you can add your collection of pics onto that thread. We hate having multiple threads for the same topics ;)
Duplicate threads don't "harm" (nicely loaded word choice there) anyone, but we've always locked a duplicate thread if one already existed, what's different about this one?
BTW, I just made a judgement call here, I didn't go around thinking : "ooh I hate this ChuckTSI guy here, I'll show him!".
It's not like I was a complete ass about it either (I even used the happy lock smily) :lol: .

Anyways, I'll let the poll and Viper do the talking.
I don't see the point in locking it. It doesn't make a lot of sense to post in such a old thread because nobody remembers the discussion they had and it gets confusing reading all the previous posts again. A new thread might result in a completely different discussion and isn't that why we are here, to discuss ?
Alrighty, sounds like I was wrong, I'm unlocking it.
Sorry for the inconvenience. :oops:
Thank you. Sorry if it came off as strong. I just wanted to seeee peoples rides :)

I still love you man.

I have this sneaky suspision no one will post in it anyway. lol
Well we had a very similar thread to this, and I don't think ESPNSTI took a bad decision, I would prolly have pointed out to the right thread but not locked it..

I only lock when it's blatant reposts, but I think stuff like this should be dealt in PM, no need to make a poll and scream democracy..

my 2 cents.

BTW, ESPNSTI, don't feel bad, look at the poll results..
Renesis said:
I think stuff like this should be dealt in PM, no need to make a poll and scream democracy..

Like this? (excerpt from the Site Logo Topic)
Renesis said:
Nogger, take this as a warning, any furter OT post or dumb posts you make in that thread will be deleted.


ESPNSTI turned it into a Poll. Was not I. Point your finger elsewhere. :)
uh no, I'm talking about complaints to a specific moderator for his own actions. :roll:

Nogger needs to be shaked a little
what the hell.. ESPNTI was 100% right in locking it.. why have 2 threads o the same thing.. just continue the discussion in the first thread.. instead of making a new one.. next time Chuck if you have a problem with one of the mods decisions.. take it up with them or the mod that locked it.. i am locking this thread
haha, I almost reacted like that, but felt Viper might find me too nazi these days, happy someone else did it for me :)
ESPNSTI was correct in locking that other thread.

I'd rather you bump a 15 or whatever page thread on the subject to make a worthwhile post than start a new thread. Plus, those kinda threads are community threads and not just a thread on a subject. Community threads are meant to stay alive.

What isn't okay is to bump an old thread just to say like "cool".
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