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Monetary support?


Dec 9, 2003
statesboro, ga
I, for one, would be willing to donate $20 or $30 to help keep this website going. I really enjoy these shows...there really is nothing comparable on US TV.

How 'bout it, y'all?
I've been debating on this. First, hosting is donated so that's not a problem, but paying to keep my domain up and my time, etc. would be nice. However, technically I'm distributing copyrighted material which is illegal. So I'm trying not to piss them off and stay under their radar.

Accepting money for content which is not mine pushes the illegal boundry farther. :?

However, I'll think about the donation thingy, but I definetly will never force pay for download.
there will be other times where you can express your gratitude, i certainly appreciate this site, the time going into it and being part of this community.
i like this site already but i'm not gonna start paying for it. not that i'm greedy, it's just, i don't like to monitarily support illegal activity. i'm a law abiding citizen :wink:
I would NEVER EVER EVER make this a pay to download site and I mean ever. Not only would I be making money off someone else's work, but I do this site out of love for the shows, not for profit.

The ads cover the costs of the site and that's enough. :)