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Monitor Cooling

Xeon SX

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Feb 8, 2005
I know it sounds unusual but my monitor needs cooling. Its LG L2323T LCD monitor. Now the reason it needs cooling is because it comes with something more than a monitor, a box where you connect all the inputs.
This box has a fan (a little one but it makes a lot of noise). Now I opened the box and reason it generates all the heat is because its basically a PSU. I was thinking of 2 options: upgrade the little fan or fit a bigger one. The only problem with the first option is I dont know if such small fans can be quiet. Now the second option..... see the pics below:

Here comes the question: will this cool my box well enough and are there any round fans that will fit nicely? Also what would u advice? (just dont tell me to buy a new monitor :)
It should work fine with the stock fan, I would only mod it for a new fan if it is overheating.

If you want maximum quietness, get a 120mm fan, they are large and move a lot of air, and since their fins are so large, they don't rotate at high RPMs, so less noise. I would get a 120mm fan and try and ghetto-rig it so blow some air onto the components.