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Monthly Virtual Meets - 2nd Saturday of the Month


Got Vegemite?
Nov 30, 2008
Sydney, Australia
'03 Falcon BA XR6, '79 XD Falcon S, '08 X5 3.0D
So, as we threw around the idea of making our epic online kalsarikännit meets a regular event, and no one objected to the choice of dates, here we are...

Our next AA FG online meet will be on JULY 13TH, at the usual time of 1800 UTC.

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I have a Christmas party that night but I have a feeling it will be alcohol free and cut short because covid. Don't mind if I show up after midnight my time.
Alcohol free holiday party? ? Yikes!
Hah, need moar carbs and salt! Oh my, would it be funny if we make/order pizza from our local places and we could rant and rave about the different ones. I'd be jealous of what you can get in your neck of the woods!
Oh no pressure on the pizza of course! ?
Yeah, I don't know that pizza for breakfast is a great idea... but if we're still going at lunch time....
Yeah, I don't know that pizza for breakfast is a great idea... but if we're still going at lunch time....
Breakfast pizzas are a thing!
Indeed. Most places aren't even open then, so chances of pizza are slim.
I remember reading a while ago on Facebook that a slice of pizza is a better idea for breakfast than a bowl of cereals, as it contains more protein and maybe (this part I can't remember) less carbs. I'm not sure in validity of that statement, but I tried pizza for breakfast, and I must say, it's great!

Granted, the pizza I ate for breakfast was baked by my dad's friend, and he can make quite some pizza. But it was actually leftovers from the night before (because he overestimated how much pizza we can eat) so it was cold in the morning (we didn't bother with heating it up). As someone who usually has cereal for breakfast, it was a welcome change.
Would be kind of cool to all order at the same time and see whose would come first.
I don't think I'll be in at the start, helping a friend move some furniture to his new place, but afterwards, yes!