Monty Python's Life of Brian back in cinemas


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Feb 17, 2007
Hamburg, Autobahnland
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Just a reminder: for it's 40th anniversary Monty Python's Life of Brian will return to the big screen around easter, coming to a cinema near you. :)

Now I have to find either a cinema in Hamburg which shows it on Thursday 18th of April or one in Amsterdam on Friday 19th or Saturday 20th of April since I'll travel to Amsterdam on Friday 19th...
I look forward to a shitty film critic review. ?
This film should be required viewing for everyone. If you haven't seen it then I urge you to watch it - non-Brits and/or those younger than a certain age may not get the background to some of the gags but it is still a very funny film.
I'll forever be proud of convincing my Religion teacher (in a Catholic school, mind you) to show this movie to my class, arguing that it was a lighthearted take on biblical times.
Sadly, my colleagues didn't find it to be funny.