Spoilers: More car soccer


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Jun 5, 2008
What is a car company to do when Jeremy Clarkson has trashed two of its tiny city cars?

Well, if the company is Hyundai you turn them into football (soccer) pitches.

The British arm of the South Korean brand was left with two slightly battered and bruised i10 hatches after the Top Gear presenter used them for a recent shoot.

Instead of sending them to the tip, Hyundai has covered them in artificial turf and added a giant soccer ball on the roof.

The turf is complete with pitch markings and a goal across the windscreen.

Inside, the football theme continues with one car featuring grass pattern seats and the other having soccer balls as headrests.

Hyundai UK will use the cars for promotion throughout the World Cup to highlight its role as the event's official vehicle supplier.

Suppose it makes sense with the world cup, but 2 cars only?? maybe they mean 2 only got damaged?