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more on Torrents


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Jan 5, 2004
torrents are GREAT way to get bandwidth off of your site,
but they SUCK in that my poopy aDSL connection uploads
at a max of 16kbytes/sec but it downloads at a decent
200kbytes/sec. so BT limits your DL based on your upload

i'd love maybe a $5-10 fee for say a year's worth of FTP

Well there will be http downloads but it will be avaialble 1 week after the torrents to encourage ppl to use torrents and keep Viper's bandwidth costs as low as possible :)
oh that's good
i'm looking into providing a mirror for the vids, but it might not be possible
Yeah, none of the videos will be on my server (don't have the bandwidth) and they'll be on a server provided by http://www.hosting.ca/ however, at the moment, there is a user limit (to keep speeds high), so many are getting a denied error. I'm going to see if I can get him to switch to like 100 users or something, but we'd end up with Racing Flix speeds. :(
i have a student account at my university and they might not
notice if i host the vids for u....what sort of DL rates do u get?
how many ppl visit and DL from your site? u can email or pm me
A few million zillion gig's a day, or close to that.
Yeah, that's fine, as long as they don't cap the BitTorrent packets.
bahnstormer said:
lol! "that's fine"

oc48 is INSANE
Perhaps, but think of how many people it's split among. But yes, it's pretty fast. :)
yes of course u're right we have a lot of ppl but when i first found
out i was just amazed =]
Any bandwidth limits (how much per day/month)?