Most distracting audience member

Blue shirt, great tracts of land. (looks remarkably like my friends wife)

Ginger with glasses. (both are my kryptonite)

And one of my favorites...
Massage Seat Tester Girl is a favourite around here. :nod:
From last episode :)



Thank you for those screenshots. She is gorgeous and probably my new favorite in this thread.:wub:
I honestly don't remember what Richard and Jeremy was talking about.
Tonight, on "I want to become a TV presenter":

I don't know who he is, but when I saw him looking at James I thought he looked like he wanted to hit him.
Brunette, checked jacket, over Fassbender's left shoulder was very pretty.
Slight spoiler but the girl over the guest's shoulder in 18x05 (recorded today, broadcast a week on Sunday) was sweeeeeeet!

No, really, she is gorgeous!

Tartan girl?



She does look cute in that Golf-GTI jacket... :D

EDIT: Whoops.. my bad.. you said 18x05...

That's the lady I was thinking of. I'd say that was more of a lumberjack check than a tartan.

The one I mention earlier from the Matt Smith interview is a honey blonde and wearing a white, cricket-style sweater.
Did we have her from 16x04 already?

She definitely is one of the best looking women I have ever seen.
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^ Wasn't that the one who had her 25+ (in this case 25+++), sober, responsible driver with her? Funny thing was that the guy looked like the kind of cool, older gentleman who'd have a much younger GF.. :D

They accused him of being with her, but believe he was denying it. I felt a little dirty looking at her, she looks young or I'm getting old.

Did like the plaid one though.
Brunette, checked jacket, over Fassbender's left shoulder was very pretty.
And along with the few other you women at her side, the bunch of them constantly looking as if they were just about to jump Michael Fassbender, were indeed very distracting. :D
Greetings everyone ! ( I actually registered when i saw this thread, and am still fascinated by what you can stumble on interWeb :D)

So, here is my favourite - 18x03, fair complexion, dark hair, very cute smile. If someone has her number, contact me :mrgreen:



(btw sorry for some bad english)
If someone's got her number, there's gonna be a fight good sir!

I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, I think I may have fallen in love the moment I saw her flash that smile.:lol: