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Motor Show: Honda FCX


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

This latest iteration of Honda's FCX fuel cell concept, a large saloon, has a revised pair of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks and a more compact fuel cell stack, albeit one that is not yet production-feasible. This is positioned centrally, allowing for a completely flat, low floor and more cabin space.

The FCX is four-wheel drive, with one front-mounted 80kW electric motor and further 25kW motors in each rear wheel. These run on the electricity produced by the fuel cell stacks from the hydrogen; the new-generation technology would give a range of over 340 miles between refuelling - if it was available.

Still, Honda is displaying a futuristic vision and one that encompasses domestic power generation: the attached Home Energy Station is a portable fuel cell which can not only produce hydrogen from natural gas to power the FCX, it can generate electricity from the hydrogen for use in a house. Even its waste heat can be used to warm up the home's water tank.
Whoa....Im unsure about the glasstop but that sounds cool....
Yeah, wouldn't all the glass make it heavy, and I would hate to clean the glass everyday.