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Motor Show: Hyundai Neos III


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

Hyundai is showing a concept crossover called Neos III, a large 4x4-family station wagon. This showcases Hyundai's own in-house-developed 4.6-litre V8 engine, which is set to appear in the new-generation Santa Fe, its big saloon models (including, perhaps, the long-rumoured Lexus LS rival) and the Neos itself, should it go into production.

Neos III has been developed at Hyundai's design and technical centre in Chiba, Japan. It is fitted with four-wheel drive, adaptive front lighting, infrared night vision, a head-up display and trackball mouse-style controls for its climate control system, all features likely to appear in Hyundai's next-generation production cars.

Hyundai has also said this week that, in partnership with its subsidiary firm Kia, it plans to sell 1.3m cars a year in Europe by 2008, putting it on a par with giants such as Ford and Renault.

That would scare small children (which admittedly isn't an all-together bad thing)

1.3m Hyundais and Kia in Europe each year eh? There's a motoring landscape I don't want to be a part of
It's like it's trying to be a cross between the S-Type, GT-R Proto, and an Audi Q7 and failing very very miserably.
Every automotive company is doing the same thing now with introducing a corporate face on the car. The problem is, is that now a company needs to put an even more distinctive nose on it than the previous guy so it doesn't become confusing. Therefore we get weirder and wackier grills all for the sake of being different.