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Motor Show: Nissan Amenio


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

The Amenio is an MPV kitted out with next-generation camera and telematics technology, and is a hint at its plans for the replacement for the Quest.

A cabin upholstered in red leather features six-seats in three rows - the front two rows have particularly large armchair-like seats - and vast expanses of glass. It also features a huge 18-inch in-dash monitor screen, around-view monitoring and parking sensors, and the latest telematics systems. These include a three-mode information display with City Browsing, highlighting points of interest along the route travelled; Earth Browsing, showing a view from a satellite of the Amenio and nearby cars travelling on the earth; and, even more out-there, Space Browsing, which shows star constellations.

The Amenio sits on 20-inch alloy wheels - good for motor show photos, but unlikely to be offered as standard on the production car.
Finally something to take out the Quest, I hate that minivan, so slow and the back bumper of the Quest is horrific. This is something I can live with.