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Motor Show: Nissan Moco


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK

Though Nissan has an extensive range in Japan, it has, until now, not had a kei-class car, qualifying for the generous tax breaks afforded to sub-660cc mini city vehicles.

Teaming up with Suzuki has enabled Nissan to come up with a contender, quickly; Suzuki will build the four-seater Moco alongside its own new MR-Wagon, from which it is derived. The two vehicles will be virtually identical bar headlamp, grille and taillamp design.

The MR-Wagon will replace the Wagon-R mini-MPV; a version may well be offered in Europe next year, though we're unlikely to get the Moco.
Seems so very flat. Look at the side door panels, should have a feature to have the door extend so that you can use it as a table to eat on. lol