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Motorola V80


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Nov 30, 2004
Portland, OR USA
I was planning on buying this phone because it was only a little over 100 dollars and no one has it here :p . I was wondering if anyone in this forum owns it and is it a good phone. Thanks
Thanks Le Ren, was about to inform Viper ;)
Thanks, Cruzz, was going to edit too. :)

Now, back to V80... Anyone?
Renesis said:
Cruzz563 said:
Thanks Le Ren, was about to inform Viper ;)

22 minutes wasn't quick enough? :lol:

shortest life on the forum yet!

I just don't know why he waited more than a month to say something so meaningful... :lol:
how is that spam? I was planning on buying a phone and I was wondering if anyone had it in this forum and if it's a good phone?
It wasn't you v1ct0r, it was valar2006, he was spamming some Russian links to Estrogen pills I think...anyway, I removed them, and the thread can be saved :)
I thought it looked nice, but then I actually held one.


Felt cheap, looked cheap, and I knew that with that design, it would break in no time.

Get the V3 Razr. Sure, it's a bit more expensive, but you'll love it.
Yeah, an Cingular has $199 deal for the new black V3 :)
Yeah I want to get a RAZR from Cingular but I am still on AT&T and still under contract and my sister hasn't gotten her plan from her company yet so I have to wait. hmm....guess i'm not getitng that v80 because it feels cheap. Every phone I use doesn't physically last long.
If you want something strong...go for an old phone.... I've had a Siemens C45 for 2 years now, but remember, you''ll have no style with it :) . I am satisfied with it and will keep it. no plans for a fancy phone. nop :cry: I've dropped it many times, had it thrown at me, practiced catches with it and still tough as a rock.