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Motorshow: Ford 4-Trac


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Apr 15, 2005
Massillon, OH
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Unveiled Wednesday (though it took two days to get the pictures out), Ford's 4-Trac is considered a truck that delivers both the toughness of a Ford, and the style and sensibility of a family vehicle. Ford is heralding the truck as a vision of their future lineups.


Please check out the article at Ignition Magazine's Blog

pm me if you want more photos in higher resolution.
Oh, I do like that look, I really do! :D

The side markers in the fender flares are an interesting touch. This "4trac" and the Sport Trac are excellent for many tasks. They're actually quite roomy inside, and the bed is big enough for an engine or most things you'd need to haul. That being said, it's not quite large enough for longer pieces of lumber or an engine with transmission attached. I think the primary buyers would be weekend warriors looking for something to haul smaller items (and beer) while retaining enough passenger space for a quick run to the store when they run out of the aforementioned beer. People who haul larger/longer items on a regular basis will most certainly purchase a fullsize truck, but they will have to pay a premium to do so. An F-150 XLT Crew Cab Long Box starts at $35,000 CAD, while the Sport Trac XLT starts at $32,000, a full $3000 less.